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  1. I was standing on the second floor deck of my house looking down. The largest hawk I have seen in this area swept across the backyard from north to south in a glide with a following wind. The wings were fully extended. I only had a view of the bird's upper side. The head and back and tail were a dark mottled rufous brown color. This was not a Red-tailed Hawk. The tail was the same color as the back. The body and head had a chunky, solid appearance. The wings showed some white. My observation post was about forty feet from the flight of the bird. W hat do you think?
  2. Hello, Forum! Yesterday I took my very first birding outing on the West Coast in Hansen's Dam Park in Los Angeles. I had some trouble ID-ing the birds in the following photos. As always, your help is greatly appreciated. One of them (the last photo) nay very well be a feral pet. Thanks, all! 1. Can't tell if this first bird is a Ruby-crowned Kinglet or a Hutton's Vireo 1-a by degibox, on Flickr 1-b by degibox, on Flickr 2. Immature White-crowned Sparrow? Or something else? 2a by degibox, on Flickr 2b by degibox, on Flickr 3. Pretty sure this is a Yellow-Rumped Warbler, but just double checking 3 by degibox, on Flickr 4. These pictures are bad and this'll be tough. 4a by degibox, on Flickr 4b by degibox, on Flickr 5. What hawk is this? 5 by degibox, on Flickr 6. Feral pet? 6 by degibox, on Flickr
  3. Saw this bird 1/18/20 on telephone wire in Skagit Valley, WA. The area is flat farmland but fresh and saltwater nearby. Area full of eagles and hawks. My first thought was immature bald eagle but then began to ponder possibility of red-tailed because of bill.
  4. Heavy overcast with mist and drizzle and taken with a slow telephoto zoom at extreme range. Not my best photography but it should be identifiable.
  5. Portland, Maine. About 9AM. Much larger than crows and seagulls attacking it. Reminded me of a young bald eagle but the wings seem different. Maybe, broader? I ran some photos through Merlin and couldn’t get bald eagle to come up and that added even more skepticism. Any ideas? Sorry my phone camera is all I have but it’s better than no photos. FullSizeRender.mov
  6. I am not good with identifying hawks. I saw this one in a tree at Honey Island Swamp in Louisiana. Can someone let me know what kind of hawk it is. Thanks.
  7. Location: Hampton CT Date: September 1, 2019 Any thoughts as to what type of hawk this is? The tail narrows it down to a few suspects.. My thought is perhaps a juv. Red-shouldered.
  8. I thought that this bird was an Osprey but it was very clearly hunting something on the land. I’ve seen Osprey’s take materials do nests from beaches but this was hunting. It took at least 2 attempts before I filmed one. I don’t think an osprey would need multiple attempts to pick up nesting material. Do Ospreys Hunt land animals? Could this be a different bird? This was on Commercial Street in Portland, Maine. June 19th around 3PM. A dense patch of woods is on one side of the street and the ocean on the other. The video shows the bird very clearly after something on the ground. Sadly. that something is directly behind the man hill on the construction site. There is no mistaking what is going on here. (sorry the stupid max video size won’t allow more for better ID)
  9. Portland, Maine. Could this belong to a starling? Found in my yard, in a very urban area. (City of 70,000 in high density area) It was below a tree. I don’t know the time it was left but it was found during the day. It is about 2 inches long from top to end.
  10. This juvenile hawk landed on a dock at MLK Shoreline Park in Oakland today, as a storm was approaching. My first guess was Cooper's Hawk, but the tail seems a bit short. Overall, he seems a better match to Cooper's than Sharp shinned, except for the tail... Thoughts?
  11. This was posted on Instagram, and the photographer is leaning towards Cooper's hawk, but I'm leaning towards northern goshawk. Either way, a juvenile? Those happen to be the top 2 choices in Merlin ID when it scanned the photo.
  12. Took this today in Ridgefield Connecticut. Im not sure which hawk it is.
  13. Spotted this small hark yesterday (Nov 28, 2018) in San Leandro, CA. It remained perched for a long time, so I could not get a flight shot. Could turn its head at least 180. I would throw out some ideas of what I think it is, but I am perpetually confused by raptors! This is my first post. Hope I am following the rules!
  14. Good Morning, I am hoping to get any information about this large bird that was perched on my mailbox yesterday and made me wait to get my mail. My cat has been missing over a month and I'm trying to i.d. all possible outcomes :( Plus the bird is pretty fascinating. It was around 3pm Nov 20th and the house is about a block from the Atlantic Ocean. If I can attach the pictures you can see the white and brown mottled chest, yellow legs and talons, dark brown feathers with white lined tips etc. I didn't see the fly pattern. There were also 9 ibis in the yard at the time and I've never seen that many either! Any information would be greatly appreciated! I read about the red tailed hawk and another named with an "S" but there weren't enough pictures for me to understand the lingo etc. Happy Holidays!! Cheers, Becky Elizabeth
  15. I need help identifying this hawk. I think it's a juvenile broad winged hawk but I have trouble identifying hawks. I took this picture in N. Central Massachusetts 9/15/2018 over looking a marsh. Thanks, Jeff
  16. When I saw this bird today at Jones Beach, NY, I thought it was too large to be a Sharpie and therefore probably was an immature Cooper's Hawk. Without a yardstick, however, my impression of size could be very wrong. Also, the second view shows what appears to be a notched tail. View 1 View 2 I need the opinion of someone more knowledgeable than myself.
  17. The attached pictures were taken at 6 pm on Sept. 10 in Nellysford, VA. Unfortunately, I only got a blurred shot of the tail from a poor angle, as you can see. I believe this is either a juv. Red-shouldered or Broad-winged Hawk. I would appreciate any guidance!
  18. I went into the kitchen and looked out the window to see a Cooper's Hawk and a Squirrel at a standoff. There was another squirrel and a cardinal nearby. I am not sure why the hawk didn't attack the squirrel. If you know, let me know.
  19. This is from a trail camera at Ruby, Santa Cruz County, AZ; riparian oak woodland at about 4,500'ASL, by a small lake; 3rd June 2018 All I can think of is a Common Black Hawk, which is certainly possible in that area. There was only the one frame of it. Anyone like to confirm or refute?
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