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Found 14 results

  1. I captured a photo of what ibird identified as a white-winged scoter, but I am wondering if it’s a female or juvenile Surf Scoter. Photo was taken on a small lake near Wasilla, Alaska on August 10, 2022 late afternoon. I occasionally see Surf Scoters here in the spring or fall, but I’ve never seen a white-winged scoter and I’d like to confirm that is what I saw.
  2. Here are two photos of the same bird that was seen on January 31, 2022 at Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary near Naples, Florida. Could it be a Bay-breasted Warbler? Something else?
  3. This duck/goose was ambling & swimming in a large pond at Vasona Park, Los Gatos, noon today, 8 May 2021.
  4. I thought this was a ringbilled seagull,but sleuth say it’s a Herring gull? This was seen in the Florida shores .I need help with Id .Thanks in advance
  5. Can someone help tell me what species of bird they think this is? Photo was taken by a customer in Oakland California by a customer on July 11, around 11 AM. iBird Photo Sleuth is 99% confident its a Black-crowned Night Heron but if that is true it is clearly not an adult. Thanks Mitch
  6. checking the app. This would be a find if it were really a Ruby Throated. I only have confidence in male adult Hummingbirds. I’m also traveling so my confidence is low. Thanks for the help. Taken 08/11/18
  7. I’m wondering if iBird Photo Sleuth got this right. See attached. Thanks mitch
  8. I’m wondering if Sleuth got this right. You can only see the bird from behind. Thanks Mitch
  9. I'm pleased to announce that the latest version of our iOS app for identifying birds from any photograph has been updated. You can find it in the Apple App Store. Here is what's new in version 1.2: ● Free Expert Help: a forum service "Help Me Identify a Bird." Ornithologist experts will analyze your photo and tell you what species of bird it is. You can send your photo from right inside Photo Sleuth. Use it to confirm Sleuth's guess or to dispute it. ● Registration so you can sign up for our newsletter and updates to iBird Photo Sleuth. ● Compliance with GDPR Privacy regulations. ● Various bug fixes. ● Be sure and check out our new bundle The Delighted Birder; which includes this app plus iBird Pro and iBird Hawaii-Palau. Love to hear your thoughts about these new features.
  10. iBird Photo Sleuth thinks this bird is an Ash-throated Flycatcher. I’m sorry it’s so blurry.
  11. Submitted by iBird Photo Sleuth which thinks it’s a Common Grackle. I’m guessing Blue Mockingbird since there is no blue in a Grackle. Thanks Mitch
  12. Taken with my iPhone camera from the iBird Photo Sleuth app. The app is 38% confident it’s an Eastern Phobe but I think it’s might be a Dark-eyed Junco. Thanks John Photo Sleuth in the iTunes App Store The Delighted Birder bundle in the iTunes App Store
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