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Found 17 results

  1. Here is a bird that I saw at a Zoo. It was in the south American exhibit. It looks to be some kind of hornbill or toucan of some sort. I need help identifying it though.
  2. I saw these birds in Davenport, WA today. The flycatcher was perched and slowly pumping its tail before swooping to the ground to catch an insect. I believe it fits for a Gray Flycatcher and hoping someone here can confirm. The other bird I think is a Vesper Sparrow, but just wanted confirmation.
  3. I saw this very large raptor flying over a large grassy/sagebrush field in Lincoln County Washington, and I'm wondering if it could be a Golden Eagle?
  4. Saw this bird circling in the sky in Davenport WA today.
  5. I saw this bird today in Lincoln County Wa - Hope someone here can help ID
  6. I saw a flock of these birds today in Lincoln County WA. The birds were very vocal and quick moving (hence the tail shot) at the top of a 50 foot pine tree. Seeing the red, my first impression was it could be a house finch, but I don't know if they have that notched of a tail or if the behavior fit. I'm wondering if anyone here can ID a bird from it's tail?
  7. Saw this owl in a thicket perched low in a small ravine in Davenport WA. I'm wondering if it could be a Barred Owl?
  8. Saw this bird today in Lincoln County Wa at Seven Bays Marina - I'm wondering if it could be a Northern Goshawk
  9. Saw this bird at Seven Bays today, hoping someone can help identify
  10. This bird was seen in Minneapolis yesterday 9/24/2020. iBird believes the bird is an Indigo Bunting (51%); Chipping Sparrow (7%) or a House Wren (7%). The large(ish) pink bill doesn't fit these birds. There is also a hint of an eye ring.
  11. This morning our feeders and backyard were suddenly swarmed by a flock of what I initially thought were cowbirds or catbirds, but upon closer inspection they all displayed a starling-like patch of dark-with-speckles under their wings and around their chests... those species don't create hybrids, do they? I wasn't able to get any pictures, but they were shaped a lot more like a cowbird than a starling. There had to have been at least twenty of them! I live in a suburban area on the northeast side of Columbus, Ohio.
  12. Posting this on behalf of family member in southern Colorado (Saguache County). Sorry for the terrible photo quality. Thanks!
  13. Today, March 18, Sussex County, Delaware along Atlantic coast. Are these Northern Gannets?
  14. Saw this little thrush hop up onto the deck for some mealworms yesterday in Montgomery County Maryland. I didn't notice any of the usual reddish/rufous coloring around the tail that once typically sees in the Hermiit Thrush and seemed a little smaller as well. This photo is taken with my iPhone, (which is cracked) so I'm sorry the quality isn't any better. What do you guys think?
  15. Apologies for the lousy photo - it was really hard to capture and gone in a flash among the leaves which it camouflaged well in (and I used my iPhone to snap the back of the original camera screen). This little energetic beauty was seen yesterday, October 9, in Broadlands Wetlands Nature Preserve in Northern Virginia. To me, it looks most like a female Cape May warbler especially with the apparent white wingbar patch on the shoulder. That, or maybe a Black-Throated Green Warbler... Or something entirely different?? Thanks so much!
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