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Found 6 results

  1. A friend sent me this photo, taken recently, near a tributary to the Potomac in MD. My friend is not a birdwatcher and thinks this was a heron. I do NOT think it is a heron --unless I am really misunderstanding what I think is the bird's neck, but I don't have much experience with water birds, so I can't tell what it is from this photo.
  2. Are all of these just American Goldfinch? The last few times I thought I had captured a different bird, because they looked different from the Goldfinch I get in my yard, I learned they were all Goldfinch. What about these? They are all different birds. My ID skills are awful. Thanks so much.
  3. Saw this little thrush hop up onto the deck for some mealworms yesterday in Montgomery County Maryland. I didn't notice any of the usual reddish/rufous coloring around the tail that once typically sees in the Hermiit Thrush and seemed a little smaller as well. This photo is taken with my iPhone, (which is cracked) so I'm sorry the quality isn't any better. What do you guys think?
  4. Is this a warbler? Yellow-rumped or American Redstart? Or something else perhaps? Apologies about the horrid quality — I have yet to process the original photo taken with my "real" camera, hence the back-of-Camera-LCD-screenshot using my iPhone. ? Assateague Island, Maryland. Taken Oct 20, 2018.
  5. Just looking for confirmation that these 2 in the picture are both a Hairy and a Downy woodpecker. Also, are they both females or is one possibly still a juvenile? Thanks! Sorry for the poor quality of the photo.
  6. This was last week in Maryland. Only slight rosiness visible on top of head - lacked usual bright red on head and nape. Sorry about low quality photo.
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