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Found 10 results

  1. 20 Jul 2022 Dukes co. MA; trail behind rural home; thick woods 2022-07-20 07_44 - Copyed3.wav
  2. 20 Jul 2022 Dukes co. MA; trail behind rural home & grounds beside fairly heavy woods The sounds I would like opinions on are the constant chip and the low ?rattle at around 08 secs. I thought the chip might be a Northern Cardinal with a regional variation. Not sure if the rattle-like sound is a woodpecker or even a bird. There is a Catbird calling in the background. Birdnet IDs Ovenbird, but I don't hear either song or call of that species. 2022-07-20 07_33 - Copyed3.wav
  3. 21 Jul 2022 Dukes co. MA; thinly wooded trail in oceanside wildlife refuge
  4. 21 July 2022 Dukes co. MA; trail through thin woods in oceanside wildlife refuge
  5. Hi guys, need your help IDing this sleeping bird I saw today. It was fast asleep in a tree and never budged, which let me watch it for a while but meant I couldn't see the head. I'm hoping you guys can figure out the ID from just the belly & the undertail. It was around Blue Jay-sized, so maybe Sharp-shinned Hawk? Or is it a falcon? Please help, and thanks! Location is a park in Boston.
  6. This was today in a park in the Boston area. I first observed one of the hawks arrive at a nest with some nesting material. I took a photo of the nest but it's extremely crappy and you can barely see the hawk sitting in it (that's its head poking out from the upper right.) A little while later, another hawk arrived, presumably the nesting one's partner, and I got more (crappy digiscoped) pics of it. Sorry there are no pics that show the tail ? The birds seemed kind of small to me, but I know size is notoriously hard to judge. Plus I think we're a little too far south for sharpies to nest, and the environment (open urban parkland) is wrong. With that in mind I feel comfortable saying these are Cooper's, but if anyone could confirm based on the photos and give me a better idea what to look for in the field, that would be a great help. Thanks so much, everyone!
  7. Southeastern Massachusetts. Quequechan River Rail Trail. Ravens are seldom seen in my area (I have never seen one) and while walking back to the car this bird caught my attention. It was larger then the crows and performing aerial acrobatics for a brief moment. Plus, a raven was observed earlier in the week. I do not remember the sound of its call. Thank you for your help.
  8. Aug 2016 Arnold Arboretum, Boston, MA This was previously ID'd as a Red-Tailed Hawk, and I'm interested in what field marks could have been used, particularly if each photo is analyzed on its own to ID. 1. Enough to be considered a dark patagial mark? Other field marks? 2. White doesn't really look like a V, but, is this acceptable for RTH ID? Other field marks? 3. Belly band (I know not diagnostic on its own) and chunkiness to the boi enough? Other field marks?
  9. What's making this noise? April, East Bridgewater, MA IMG_5165.mp3
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