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  1. Seen very early in the morning. Glided a ways and then flapped once or twice. Legs did not extend beyond tail. Large bird, probably larger than a gull. Did not tilt in flight.
  2. It's hard to tell from the picture --he flew away before I could snap more pictures of him. He's slightly bigger than a large robin & almost the size of a mourning dove. He was mostly mousy gray (very soft looking) all over with a lighter shade of white on his neck which seemed to be speckled with black dots. His beak is longer & more narrow than a dove. I found a close resemblance in my search, catbird. However, to the best of my knowledge, the catbird is only located in the state of Washington.
  3. Hello all. I’ve been seeing a yellowish warbler at my suet feeder for around 4 days now. I’ve looked in my field guide, but I’m still not quite sure. The pictures are pretty bad, so I’ll give a description too. Background Info: I live in West Michigan. The area has lots of farmland, but loads of trees too. Bird: The warbler overall appears yellow, and in flight I thought it was a goldfinch. It is slightly yellower in the breast, and a touch darker/more olive colored on top, but top and bottom are very similar in color. There is no streaking/markings on the breast, wings, or tail. There is a pale stripe above the eye. It appears to be white under the tail. Picture below. I also have seen a bird similar to the one described above, only with two white bars on the wings. And another with no white bars, but a gray head, and no eye stripe. Any ideas on these? Wasn’t able to take pics. again, sorry for the bad photos.
  4. These were all in Southeast Michigan on 7/26/2019 where Henslow's Sparrows were reported. I 100% heard a Henslow's Sparrow, but I don't think it showed itself. I believe these are mostly/all Savannah, maybe a Song. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
  5. 5-20-2018 Warren Dunes State Park Berrien County, MI
  6. Need help with id's please. I think I know some of them but not sure.
  8. Are these chipping sparrows? 5-16-18 Floral Lane near Warren Dunes SP Berrien county Michigan
  9. 5-02-18 Muskegon Water Treatment Facility Muskegon, Michigan
  10. Recently in Southeast Michigan. Not my photos or sighting. Photos by Kevin Murphy.
  11. 12/19/2018, Pointe Mouillee, Michigan. I think Trumpeters, but tough angle.
  12. Last week in Southeast Michigan. What do you think? How about this other bird that swam next to it for a bit?
  13. Is this a Chipping Sparrow? A few days ago in Southeast Michigan. I have a few more pics but this is the best.
  14. Photos taken Friday, 10/5/2018, in Southeast Michigan. 1. What sparrow? I accidentally had the "POP" effect on when taking the picture, which really oversaturates the colors. I tried unsaturating in processing. 2. What warbler?
  15. 9/29/18, Traverse City, Michigan. Pretty distant gulls. A bunch of Ring-billed, a few Herring, (a couple swans), but what are the 2 in the circle? Could it be Great Black-backed and Glaucous?
  16. 9/24/18, Dearborn, MI. Going through some photos. I brightened these. Yellow-rumped?
  17. This was taken at the end of August in a marshy area in Southeast Michigan. There was an adult Song Sparrow (I think in the same tree, but not the same time) and two adult Swamp Sparrows in the general area. What is this? These were taken 9/19 in Dearborn, Michigan. Heavily cropped, far away, bad pics, etc. I'm pretty sure I know what it is, but my guess would be a lifer and I don't want to influence responses.
  18. Photos from yesterday, 9/6/18, in Dearborn, MI. Lighting obviously bad. Let me know if you want me to lighten these up. 1. I think this is a Northern Parula because of the yellow lower mandible in 1st pic, yellow undersides, wing bars, and greenish back. 2. I think this is an immature Chestnut-sided Warbler because of the greenish top of head and nape, grayish cheeks, and bold eyering.
  19. 8/31/2018. Southeast Michigan, Pointe Mouillee I think the one on the right is a Least Sandpiper because of the small, pointy beak, but not sure.
  20. 8/24/2018, St. Joseph, Southwest Michigan There were about 30 gulls - Ring-billed and Herring mix - on this section of the beach in the morning. This one was a little bit separate from the main group and had unique plumage. Still Herring?
  21. A red bird with a green head has appeared twice at my feeder in suburban Detroit. It is larger than a cardinal with round head a rounder belly than a cardinal. It had no crest. A bird-watching friend saw it too and had never seen one before. It was eating black sunflower seeds.
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