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Found 12 results

  1. 13 Apr 2022 Dauphin Island, Mobile co AL; drainage ditch at edge of bird sanctuary
  2. 25 Apr 2021 Mobile co. AL; public lake & park 1. Orchard Orioles--male in lower part of frame and immature/females above; what I ID'd as female Orchards were 4 mustard-yellow birds flying in a quarrelsome group. I though either female oriole or tanager sp. The four fought while flying and when perched. I could not get a good look or shot of them due to their frenetic movements. Is such behavior consistent with female Orchards or does something else come to mind? 2. female/immature Orchard Oriole 3. Barn Swallow 4. Eastern Kingbird 5. ?Common Grackle--but his tail looks short 6. Brown-headed Cowbird vs. Shiny Cowbird vs. other blackbird sp. 7. Least Tern 8. Which Tern--it was a small tern, but bill looked too orange for Least, cap didn't look quite right for Forster's
  3. 21 Apr 2021 Gulf-side shell middens; heavily wooded with Live Oak, palmetto, cypress, hickory 1. Prothonotary Warbler 2. Common Grackle--our local Boat-taileds can have a yellow eye 3. ? Gleaning Bottle Brush in suburban yard 4. ?
  4. All taken in Feb. in Mobile or Baldwin co. AL in public parks with lakes or brackish marsh 1. ?Swamp Sparrow 2. ?Song Sparrow 3. ?Song Sparrow 4. ???. Why the short tail--molting? 5. ?All Chipping. This was a group of a dozen or so that was feeding on bread ? left by some well-intended persons. 6. ?Song Sparrow
  5. 05 Jan 2021 Mobile co. AL It has been visiting backyard feeders since Dec 9. I have not gone to see it. It is at a private residence, but the homeowners are allowing birders to view from their carport.
  6. 22 Jan 2021 Mobile co. AL Public lake & park; rainy 1 ?Hybrid Mallard + ?; had a golden eye 2. ?Hybrid Mallard + ? 3. ?? male and ?? female
  7. 16 Jan 2021 Mobile co. AL Public lake & park 1. Male & female Redheads 2. ???
  8. 10 Jan 2020 Mobile co. AL I see from the range maps, it shouldn't be a Summer Tanager, but it doesn't look like a Northern Cardinal to me, so IDK.
  9. 05 Oct 2019 Dauphin Island, Mobile co. AL Just looking at the terns in the foreground (not the blurry ones in the back) in amongst Black Skimmers & Laughing Gulls. From L to R: Caspian Tern X 1 (bill tip somewhat obscured by gull's head) Royal Tern X 5 Caspian Tern X 2 Royal Tern X 4
  10. 27 Nov 2020 Mobile, Mobile co. AL Public park & lake His bill shape is interesting.
  11. 05 Oct 2019 Dauphin Island, Mobile Co. AL Does the darkish edge of the folded wing make it Sanderling?
  12. 13 Feb 2020 City of Mobile, Mobile co., AL; public lake/park
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