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Found 16 results

  1. Merlin ID’ed this as a Yellow Green Vireo - which I assume is wrong as don’t think I would see one in Monterey CA. Photographed on 10/15/22 perched in a shrub near the ocean. Thank you for any assistance w/ an ID.
  2. Saw this duck today on a freshwater pond in Monterey, I think it’s a Mallard - but why is it brown & white?
  3. I’m pretty sure this is a Snowy Plover, but it appears that it’s been banded, it’s the first time I’ve spotted a banded bird & would appreciate any information about that.
  4. Spotted this solo small bird scurrying around & bobbing it’s head in the dry sand part of the beach in Pacific Grove yesterday afternoon. All photos are the same bird. Snowy Plover?
  5. I thought these were Black Bellied Plovers, except for the one in the first photograph - which Merlin id’ed as a Pacific Golden Plover? All were along the beach/rocks near Pacific Grove CA this morning.
  6. In beach wrack today mid day, second photo it’s w/ what I think is a Phalarope - for a size comparison..
  7. Sorry for the poor photos, but this guy scurried away & it was overcast/low light this morning. I noticed it because it looked ‘different’. It was alone near the surf at low tide. I’m thinking maybe a Phalarope, but I’m such a novice it could be a returning Sanderling in plumage I’m not used to seeing, or even a Sandpiper I haven’t learned yet…argh. Thanks for any help.
  8. I snapped these photos because from a distance thinking I’d be able to figure out what they were - but can’t seem to, any help would be appreciated.
  9. Today I counted 7 small birds w/ 2 Killdeers on a beach in Monterey near a freshwater pond - are they this year’s young? First photo has one of the adults in the foreground. Thanks.
  10. Spotted at low tide on rocks by the ocean near Monterey today. Not as tall as the Whimbrels nearby. Thx.
  11. On the beach by Monterey today, my guesses: First photo Ruddy Turnstone & Black Turnstones? Second photo Ruddy Turnstones? Third & fourth photos Black Bellied Plover? Thx.!
  12. Spotted today mid morning on the ground in dunes near the ocean by a culvert. About 6-8” tall.
  13. Are the birds w/ the upturned beaks I saw today on the beach near Monterey CA Marbled Godwits?
  14. I see lots of what I believe are Western gulls of various ages, but this one on a beach near Monterey CA today caught my eye because it looked ‘different’ - Heermann’s?
  15. Photo from today at low tide near Monterey, I think these small birds that I often see chasing the waves are Sanderlings, but overheard someone calling them Snowy Plovers, can someone please confirm my ID? Also those bigger guys (not the gull) are Whimbrels?
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