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Found 5 results

  1. 31 Aug to 02 Sept 2021 Monterey co. CA; Carmel Valley Riparian area; thin woods, human habitation, open yards: 1. I recognize the American Crow. At least 3 others: Yellow dot--mostly a sweet downslur Green arc--very faint, but sounds like a scolding chatter or maybe a trill Blue bracket--very faint chatter or scold unk_2021-08-29 0635ed.wav 2. No idea 2021-08-31 1540ed.wav 3. Dark-eyed Junco. BirdNet also calling LeConte's Thrasher, but I am not so sure. 20210829_122746ed.wav 4. thru 6 BirdNet called all 3 separate recordings Black Phoebe 2021-08-29 1511ed.wav 5. 2021-08-29 1512ed.wav 6. 20210829_151138ed.wav Slightly higher elevation; very heavy mixed woods; sparse human habitation; many owls in area 7. Wild Turkey (not the prominent owl call at the beginning) 20210902_190540ed.wav
  2. 05 Sept 2021; Pelagic tour, Monterey Bay 1. Common Murre 2. Sabine's Gull 3. Rhinoceros Auklet 4. Another auklet of the same or another species? 5. Long-tailed Jaegar
  3. 02 Sept 2021 Monterey co. CA; dairy farm with adjacent wetlands & sparse woods
  4. 29 Aug 2021 Carmel Valley & surrounds, Monterey co., CA I for got to add this one to the previous list. Black Phoebe--but the bib seemed short. I only learned that bird a few weeks ago when we visited Utah.
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