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  1. Strange looking goose seen at Forsythe NWR in Galloway Township, NJ today,4/25/2022. Thought at first it was a snow goose, maybe some kind of hybrid or just plain strange. Any information appreciated.
  2. 18 Oct 2021 Cape May NJ Is duck in foreground a Ring-necked? What is the duck is to right of Pied-billed Grebe? It appears teal-sized, but that is as far as I can get.
  3. 22 Oct 2021 Cape May NJ; mudflats in sound, Atlantic side
  4. 16 Oct 2021 Cape May NJ; mixed group including Gadwall, American Wigeon, Mallards. If wrong ID, pointers?
  5. 17 Oct 2021; Cape May, NJ 1. L to R: Western Sandpiper & ? 2. 3.
  6. 17 Oct 2021 Cape May NJ. If my IDs are wrong, salient points for IDing would be greatly appreciated! ? 1. 3 Dunlin 2. Greater Yellowlegs, but the legs look dark?... 3. Lesser Yellowlegs
  7. 21 Oct 2021 Cape May NJ I can ID the Dunlin & Short-billed Dowitcher, but what are the others? I was thinking Black-bellied Plover and Red Knot?
  8. 21 Oct 2021 Cape May NJ No legs visible, but went with Greater, mostly because the dark in the tail is about the same tone as the the back.
  9. 20 Oct 2021 Cape May NJ Ignoring the cormorants & gulls 1. All Black Scoter? 2. 1 & 3 are Surf Scoter, rest are Black?
  10. 20 Oct 2021 Cape May NJ 1. Lesser Black-backed vs. Great; non-breeding adult--I don't see the white crescent at the tail, but I think the legs are yellow. ish. 2. Herring Gull, non-breeding adult
  11. 21 Oct 2021 Cape May NJ Clockwise beginning at 12 o'clock (and ignoring the incomplete bird at the far left edge): Ring-billed, Laughing, ?Lesser Black-backed, Ring-billed, Greater BB, Ring-billed, ?Lesser Black-backed.
  12. 20 Oct 2021 Cape May NJ I need a crash course in sparrow ID. 1. 2. 3. 4. UFO 5. Song 6. Song 7. ? 8. ? 9. ? 10. Song 11. White-throated 12. ? 13. UFO 14. ? 15. Song 16. ?
  13. 19 Oct 2021 Cape May NJ 1. The three larger gulls are Lesser or Greater Black-backed? And who is the little guy with the mollusk in his bill? 2. RIng-billed
  14. 19 Oct 2021 Cape May NJ; sidewalk observations 1. Western Palm Warbler 2. House Sparrow--male & female/immature 3. ??? I think a falcon 4. Song Sparrow
  15. 17 Oct 2021; Cape May NJ; beachside state park I think these all are Merlins, but would like clarification on separating them from Sharpies when seen in flight, in general, and specific to these photos.
  16. My friend and I are stumped- we can't figure out what bird this is! I was hiking near Buttermilk Falls in Columbia, NJ and I saw what looked like a migratory bird. The size of a catbird with a more full body and a slightly pointed head like a cardinal. Dark black body and white stomach and red spots under each wing. It was flying and flew into a small tree before flying away. I was unable to get a picture. It kind of sounded like, "Sooooweet!"
  17. Hi All, What: I'm not quite sure if these swans are Tundra or Trumpeter swans. Tundra have been reported on ebird on this lake (https://ebird.org/checklist/S61865647) and I think I can see a light colored spot at the base of the bill on some pictures. But I'm not sure so I'd like opinions. Sorry, bad pictures. Where: Bamber Lake, NJ (https://ebird.org/hotspots?hs=L4145068&yr=all&m=) When: Today, Dec 3 Thanks !
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