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Found 15 results

  1. The general look is a Horned Grebe but it may be a Red-necked Grebe. Can you folks help me? Thanks
  2. Most warblers have left Nova Scotia by now, but I saw this one this morning and was only able to grab two bad images before it flew. So once again, I must seek help from my 'bird mentors'. Can anyone ID this bird from the poor photos? My best guesses are Pine or Blackpoll. Thanks
  3. I zoomed in on this bird that was way out over the harbour and thought it was an immature Northern Gannet with the black tipped wings, but on viewing the two pictures at home, it looks like it might be an immature Red-throated Loon. It's flight pattern was steady flapping like a loon whereas Gannets tend to flap and then glide a little. Can you help with these poor images?
  4. Can I identify this gull as a juvenile Ring-billed Gull? Still learning and really appreciate the help. It was smaller than the American Black Ducks it was feeding with.
  5. This hawk was in the oak tree in my back yard this morning. I managed to get a reasonable picture before it flew but it is proving harder to identify than I thought. The closest I can guess is Sharp-shinned Hawk. Can you help? Thanks
  6. I overseeded my lawn yesterday and this pigeon showed up today. I built my house in 1978 and have never seen a pigeon in my yard. This bird is larger than the pigeons I see in the city and much darker, so before I erase the image, can you confirm that it is just a very capable grass seed finding Rock Pigeon. Thanks
  7. Good morning folks. I'm getting better at IDing if I can get a good picture but am lacking if the image is sub-par. Can a more experienced birder tell me what this is? There are Blackpolls around now. Feel free to edit the image. Thanks
  8. Flushed this bird from the tall grass along the shore of a seaside pond. It sounded like a blackbird and was about the same size but I've not encountered one before. Can you help? Thanks
  9. I've narrowed it down to Black-bellied or American Golden Plover and Red-necked or Red Phalarope but now I'm stuck. Can someone help? Thanks.
  10. A group of 10 in the same spot along the coast for a week. Thick fog this morning. Thanks
  11. Want to be sure as these are the first ones I've seen. Thank you.
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