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Found 3 results

  1. This morning our feeders and backyard were suddenly swarmed by a flock of what I initially thought were cowbirds or catbirds, but upon closer inspection they all displayed a starling-like patch of dark-with-speckles under their wings and around their chests... those species don't create hybrids, do they? I wasn't able to get any pictures, but they were shaped a lot more like a cowbird than a starling. There had to have been at least twenty of them! I live in a suburban area on the northeast side of Columbus, Ohio.
  2. This sound clip was recorded at the end of April in Ohio. We often hear these owls hooting in the distance and I finally got a (horrible) recording of one of them. It is very faint, around 8-10 seconds into the sound clip. Is it a great horned owl? bird-id-help.mp3
  3. I took this pic thinking it was the same Red-tailed Hawk I had photographed earlier, but when I brought it up on my computer, I realized it had NO red tail! I looked it up and think it's a Red-shouldered Hawk, but they are said to be uncommon in central Ohio, and I had never seen one before. Could someone please confirm? And also let me know about their presence in Ohio if you know, and if they normally live peacefully near Red-tailed Hawks. Thanks.
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