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Found 10 results

  1. Not putting too much hope in species ID from these photos - but wondering if I could say for sure whether this is an owl species (would be my first) or not! When: around 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, August 10, dusk Where: in the Poconos mountain region of PA, flying near a small lake What: short, stocky bird with large wingspan. Initially thought it was osprey or heron but size was not right. Buff to cream-colored bird, patterns hard to discern at night but can see slightly in phtoos. Lazy wingbeats. Seen near area with mallards, warblers and kingbirds.
  2. Baldwin co. AL Sept 2021 Hi, All. We have had resident Barred Owls for the 20+ years we have lived in our suburban neighborhood. They call frequently (and raucously) at night and commonly in the daytime, also, and it is not unusual for them to fly through or perch for a time in the yard. My question: Other than mating season & contact calls between mates/family members, at what other times would a Barred Owl hoot? I ask, because a couple of days ago, in the late afternoon (still full daylight), a lone Barred was hooting from fairly low in a tree, then dropped to the ground behind some shrubbery, then flew back into the canopy to a different perch. It looked as though he/she were taking prey, but I thought it odd the owl would call attention to itself with hooting if that were the case. There was no reply from any other owl that I could hear. Thoughts?
  3. I built and installed this owl house more than two years ago. Today is the first time I have discovered a tenant! I wonder which species of owl this is. I built the house to a specification for a Barred Owl.
  4. I recorded this call last night when it was dark so I don't have a picture. I think it sounds like an owl. I live in Arlington Washington. My zip code is 98223. Thanks, Don Owl.mp3
  5. HI, I saw this owl on the French Riviera at the beginning of the month. Any idea what kind it is? thx
  6. Hiyo- Another owl on the trail cam. What do you all think? Branch is 1.75 inches. Barred?
  7. Portland, Maine. Could this belong to a starling? Found in my yard, in a very urban area. (City of 70,000 in high density area) It was below a tree. I don’t know the time it was left but it was found during the day. It is about 2 inches long from top to end.
  8. Hi Folks- Got an owl on my trailcam! Pretty cool. I'm thinking Saw-whet...what do you think? He's on the left. .
  9. This sound clip was recorded at the end of April in Ohio. We often hear these owls hooting in the distance and I finally got a (horrible) recording of one of them. It is very faint, around 8-10 seconds into the sound clip. Is it a great horned owl? bird-id-help.mp3
  10. I know. Cell phone photos suck but aren’t they better than no photos? Portland, Maine. February 2019. Dove sized, owl like? Sitting quietly in a small fruit tree with lots of branches that waxwings and robins visit 6E0020B9-4147-4179-A220-D44761F2857F.mp4
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