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Found 8 results

  1. I built and installed this owl house more than two years ago. Today is the first time I have discovered a tenant! I wonder which species of owl this is. I built the house to a specification for a Barred Owl.
  2. I recorded this call last night when it was dark so I don't have a picture. I think it sounds like an owl. I live in Arlington Washington. My zip code is 98223. Thanks, Don Owl.mp3
  3. HI, I saw this owl on the French Riviera at the beginning of the month. Any idea what kind it is? thx
  4. Hiyo- Another owl on the trail cam. What do you all think? Branch is 1.75 inches. Barred?
  5. Portland, Maine. Could this belong to a starling? Found in my yard, in a very urban area. (City of 70,000 in high density area) It was below a tree. I don’t know the time it was left but it was found during the day. It is about 2 inches long from top to end.
  6. Hi Folks- Got an owl on my trailcam! Pretty cool. I'm thinking Saw-whet...what do you think? He's on the left. .
  7. This sound clip was recorded at the end of April in Ohio. We often hear these owls hooting in the distance and I finally got a (horrible) recording of one of them. It is very faint, around 8-10 seconds into the sound clip. Is it a great horned owl? bird-id-help.mp3
  8. I know. Cell phone photos suck but aren’t they better than no photos? Portland, Maine. February 2019. Dove sized, owl like? Sitting quietly in a small fruit tree with lots of branches that waxwings and robins visit 6E0020B9-4147-4179-A220-D44761F2857F.mp4
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