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Found 14 results

  1. Oh, god. Warning: blurry photos ahead. This was in July, in El Cajas National Park. First, a raptor. I suspect it to be a carunculated caracara based on the white wing-lining, upper tail, and rump but blackish breasts. Here's close-ups, along with the full pictures for reference: Next, two hummingbirds. The former was dark-colored and struggling to take off just by the visitor center, with white eye-spots and few other identifying features: The latter was similarly dark, almost purple, and perched in shrub near the visitor center. Finally, a pair of thankfully slightly-less-blurry sierra-finches (or seedeaters?). One spotted in the park proper... ... and the other, streakier, in a parking-lot. Sorry again for the crappy images (and if I don't know the netiquette here) and thanks in advance!
  2. This bird has been a regular during the past month. It seems to know when I am photographing it. I produced a short video clip of it, worth a peek: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfvxkepe20c&list=PLFOag6HjHS4cuI3TU_ZQZrX4xXlZvtM9e&index=2
  3. These photos were taken September 5 in southwest Ohio. We were walking along when this raptor flew very low, directly over our heads, holding a dead squirrel. I thought it might be a red-tailed hawk as they are common around here, but this bird looked larger, and I thought red-tails were not strong enough to carry a squirrel. Sorry for the horrible picture quality, but this was far away, into the light, with an iPhone (it was all we had at the time).
  4. Hi, All. In the past, I have seen all sorts of raptors (BE, Osprey, RTH...) perch in this lonesome pine in a large field. From my perspective, this bird seemed the size for a BE, did not appear to have the small head of a vulture or Osprey, and I saw a a pale flash when he flew off. Wings held predominantly flat, not dihedral, but seemed to have a the slightest upturn at tips. Can anyone ID from this blurry silhouette?
  5. Greetings, This photo was taken on August 8, 2017. Upon looking at the photo again many years later, I did not even notice the second raptor! I am assuming the top bird is a Short-tailed hawk (Correct me if I'm wrong); however, the bottom one is giving me trouble. I want to say it's a dark morph short tailed, but its barred belly is giving me trouble.
  6. I am reposting this, with a better image of the bird. I saw a raptor -- not an Osprey -- take a fish from the water and bring it to shore to eat. The location is Ikuchi island in the Seto Inland Sea of Japan. I was able to photograph it only at a distance. I am wondering if it might be a White-tailed Eagle. If not, other suggestions? Thanks!
  7. Saw this bird 1/18/20 on telephone wire in Skagit Valley, WA. The area is flat farmland but fresh and saltwater nearby. Area full of eagles and hawks. My first thought was immature bald eagle but then began to ponder possibility of red-tailed because of bill.
  8. These photos were taken on 1/5/19 at camp Verde, Arizona. We saw the raptor across the street from a busy highway. Could not get better views than this. Appreciate your help with ID.
  9. Is this an American Kestrel? Posting on behalf of someone else, seen in Haymarket, VA yesterday. Tail looks too short for a Coopers/Sharpy and the general markings are throwing me off. Seems too small for a Red-Shouldered to my eyes .... The Merlin app gave me two results which I’m really questioning its accuracy. . 1) N Goshawk. - while they’re not unheard of in the area (coming down from the Shenandoah mountains/Blue Ridge some years, etc), they are fairly uncommon. 2) Short-eared Owl. - seriously? I’m almost certain that this is not an owl LOL! Thanks!
  10. Saw this early morning flying far above at Downingtown, PA. Suburb of Philadelphia. Pictures are of one raptor. Pictures are just so so since it was too far and also cloudy sky! Seen on Nov 12th. Never seen a black raptor before in this area (unless it is a Black Vulture)!
  11. Any help identifying this dark morph hawk seen in December (yesterday) at Bosque del Apache in New Mexico. Don't see any white on chest but appears to have white tail; in fact seems to have clear subterminal wide white band in tail see enclosed photos:
  12. I was on Mustang Island , TX, near Corpus Christi, this morning and this was sitting on the power line. It was raptor day, a couple of Osprey, Caracawa's, and 2 i am do not know. Wrong color feet to be an Osprey and the beak is green/grey
  13. I need help with the ID on this raptor, viewed at 12 pm on Sept. 7, 2018, above Spruce Creek Park near Wintergreen, VA (Nelson County).
  14. This raptor was at the water's edge at "Delta Park" in Colchester, Vermont, on the shore of Lake Champlain near the mouth of the Winooski river. The bird didn't move much for about 15 minutes, then flew away, taking a low, slow, steady (4-8 foot high) path over the low shore vegetation....Thanks in advance for any help!
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