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Found 3 results

  1. I have an observation and a question that some may find of interest? On my property and the surrounding area where I live, we have a pair of Red-Shouldered Hawks, a pair of Broad-winged Hawks and a plethora of Barred Owls ( I know some don't consider owls to be a raptor). I find it interesting on how there is enough food and good habitat to support all three of these living basically in the exact same domain. I realize that the owl will hunt at night so that makes some sense but since all three eat basically the same diet, how do you suppose they avoid the interference? The hawks are raising young. Is this unusual or not?
  2. Awoke this morning to hawk pictures on Nextdoor. All pictures were supposedly taken in the Round Rock, TX area. I'm seeking confirmation, or dis-confirmation, of my guesses... Pictures 1 & 2 were taken yesterday: Most of my neighbors are saying this is a Sharpie or Coopers. I'm thinking with the darker eyes and barrel chest immature RSHA. Picture 3: Don't know when this was taken. I love this shot! I'm thinking RTHA. Pictures 4, 5 & 6: Love these shots too. Supposedly taken in October. That seems a little late for Crepe Myrtle to be blooming. Too, the photographer said she was photographing two bluejays at a nest when this hawk flew in. October is a whole lot late for bluejays to be nesting, right? Anyway, I'm thinking immature Coopers. Picture 7: Don't know when this was taken. I suspect Winter given the bare flora and Christmas lights. The photographer says the bird is eating a pork chop that he gave to it. I'm thinking RTHA.
  3. I took this pic thinking it was the same Red-tailed Hawk I had photographed earlier, but when I brought it up on my computer, I realized it had NO red tail! I looked it up and think it's a Red-shouldered Hawk, but they are said to be uncommon in central Ohio, and I had never seen one before. Could someone please confirm? And also let me know about their presence in Ohio if you know, and if they normally live peacefully near Red-tailed Hawks. Thanks.
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