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Found 4 results

  1. I was hoping I could get some ID help on some recent ducks seen in Cook County, IL. Sorry for the low-quality pictures. The first is from Oct. 29. I initially thought was a Northern Shoveler based on the bill and behavior (swimming with its bill angled down, straining the water), but looking back I'm wondering if it might have been a Blue-winged Teal. There is a faint facial marking and it did seem fairly small. I included a picture of it with some mallards for comparison The second is from Nov. 4. I didn't get a great short unfortunately, but these two seemed just slightly smaller than nearby mallards, and just a little different. I was thinking either Gadwall or American Black Duck, but realize it may be impossible to tell from the shots I have. Finally, some Scaups seen on Nov. 13. Pretty sure these are lessers, but want to see if anyone can confirm. Thanks! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  2. Scaups are tough for me, and this one has had me waffling back and forth between greater and lesser for a week. This was taken in south-western OR a few days ago (Grants Pass area) at my favorite birding park. We get both Greaters and Lesser wintering here, though the former is usually outnumbered about 6-1 by the later and relatively uncommon. The ruffled "tuft" of feathering at the back of the heard should indicate Lesser, but the large bill and forehead shape just give me Greater vibes. There were about 6 Lessers there that were clear to ID, but this one has perplexed me. Anyone able to help me settle?
  3. December 2 California: 1) Greater? 2) Greater? Most confused on this one. 3) Lesser?
  4. Seen at Whale Rock Reservoir near Cambria, CA on 11/16/19. Redhead were present, Did I photograph any? Also, which Scaup.
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