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Found 6 results

  1. Bird was photographed at Hawk Cliff Woods, May 15. Colour - dark brown/white feathers, peach coloured face with brown bars and small white patch above eye. Finch like beak.
  2. 31 May 2020. Baldwin co AL Hi, All. Small, predominantly yellow bird, singing high in the canopy of a riparian deciduous forest in close proximity to a small wetland sink. 20200531_134140 - Copy.wav
  3. Hello all, I live in Toronto and just had a visitor to my yard that I have never seen before. It's small bird (a bit smaller than a sparrow) and appears to be olive/green on top with yellow tones on the breast/belly, has a white (maybe tan) eye ring and long, narrow bill. At first I thought it was a female/juvenile Goldfinch but when I zoomed in with my camera I didn't see the familiar wing markings of a Goldfinch and the bill looked different. Also the body shape of this bird looks different from a Goldfinch. This bird is roundish. I'm thinking a female Connecticut Warbler. My area is along their migration path. I have attached a picture. My apologies for the quality. This bird kept to the shadows and at the far reaches of my zoom lens. Thanks. Karen
  4. Hello! My mom just sent me a picture of a bird nesting in her back yard. I can't quite tell what it is. She is in the Niagara region. Ontario, Canada. Thank you ?
  5. Small yellow bird with brown wings, and head. Dark eyes no rings. Short curved beak. Seen in a wooded area of backyard in northern Illinois.
  6. Another small bird - (PHOTO ATTACHED) found May 23rd, 2019 near Waterloo Iowa. At first I thought a female goldfinch but don't really see any hints of yellow. Sorry could not get its underside. The head and shoulders is what threw me. Thanks for any help!
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