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Found 8 results

  1. Location: midtown Tucson, Arizona Concealed primarily in vegetation, usually higher up. ________________________________ Hi all, We've been hearing this song for about three weeks, and I've been trying to identify it since then. I haven't gotten a good look at the bird(s), but I think I saw a pair on a wire hanging over the street. They look smaller than a Robin, short-beaked, and basically non-descript from a distance. I'm not sure if I saw a slight crest (not prominent) on one of the birds, possibly the male. The characteristic of this song is that it warbles pretty frenetically and ends the majority of the time with 1-3 descending raspy calls that are sharp and short. Thank you. Birdsong-edit-merged.mp3
  2. Two weeks ago, I was birding on the Mohawk-Hudson Bike Path in Upstate New York, Schenectady County, when I heard something strange, like some creature slapping the water. I started sneakily coming toward the bush where the sound seemed to be coming from until I saw a branch that was vibrating. Peering into the brush with my binoculars, I spotted a tiny bird, sparrow size or smaller, moving the branch somehow. It was very hard to see through the thick brush. Could it have been feeding on insects? A few minutes later I saw another one. My birding companion said I looked like I wanted to become one with the bush. I would have stayed longer, but we had other birds to see.
  3. I saw this small bird at Hawk Cliff Woods, that overlooks Lake Erie. Date taken May 15th.
  4. Found a pair of small birds in Ohio (Cleveland) 10/25/2019. Had one just like them last year. They look alot like a goldcrest but we are not in their range. I think they hit a window in the corner on a building and I found them on the ground exact same spot as the earlier one. They were tame and sat in my hand. I brought them to a tree and they seemed okay.
  5. 9/28/19, 6 pm. NYC, cloudy. When I first saw this bird, I noticed the yellow breast with a bit of white at the "shoulders," rest looked brown, and same size as warblers. Later, when I saw the video on my large monitor (screenshots below), I noticed the markings on the neck, edge of wings and tail, and tail shape & angle, but not nearly as many markings as a House or Winter Wren -- none that I can see on top of head and back . The bird looked larger than what I remember a Winter Wren is. Replies very much appreciated.
  6. So I live in Israel and I think I saw the most beautiful bird I've ever seen. I've been searching for it for a while and I don't remember clearly how it looked. I do remember that it had blue, pattern like, wings where the blue is on the "shoulder" in stripes with a beige like color. The top of its head was black in a diamond like shape (I am pretty sure). I don't remember what color the beak was but it was small. Most of its body was beige and I think the stomach was black but not sure. It had a squared tail and sat on branches. In the image is its "build" (I'm new to birds so sorry if I got something wrong like saying shoulder)
  7. IMG_7382.CR2 I was looking for a LeCount`s Sparrow, that was seen on Saturday morning 11/17, at the Solis Hotel, near the airport, in Atlanta. I didn`t find that particular bird, but saw this one on Sunday 11/18, taking a dirt bath, or anting, about noon and haven`t been able to figure out what it is. There were lots of other sparrows and warblers, coming out of the brush, from an adjoining field, in back of the hotel, landing in these small trees and working the wet grass.
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