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Found 7 results

  1. Hi Folks, Northern Waterthrush at very beginning? 20230416-092642.wav
  2. Location: midtown Tucson, Arizona Concealed primarily in vegetation, usually higher up. ________________________________ Hi all, We've been hearing this song for about three weeks, and I've been trying to identify it since then. I haven't gotten a good look at the bird(s), but I think I saw a pair on a wire hanging over the street. They look smaller than a Robin, short-beaked, and basically non-descript from a distance. I'm not sure if I saw a slight crest (not prominent) on one of the birds, possibly the male. The characteristic of this song is that it warbles pretty frenetically and ends the majority of the time with 1-3 descending raspy calls that are sharp and short. Thank you. Birdsong-edit-merged.mp3
  3. Would love to know what bird this is! I live in central wy, near a creek, with a variety of vegetation, listen to song attached, thanks! Bird 1.m4a
  4. Wondering if anyone has used an app for identifying bird songs (and/or calls) that one hears while out birding? If so, which one(s) have you used or currently use? Is there one you would recommend or are they all equally lousy? Basically, I'm interested in an app similar to how apps like SoundHound and Shazam work for ID'ing songs one randomly hears. I've found a few in the App Store (ex: Chirp!, Song Sleuth, Chirpomatic, Bird Song ID by Sunbird, etc etc.), but they all have fairly "meh" reviews and/or are expensive for an app when one can't be certain of its accuracy. However, if there is one that has a good broad repertoire and a decent accuracy rate - ideally with the more confusing bird songs or seasonal migrants (warblers, sparrows, flycatchers...), then I don't mind shelling out some $$ if one exist! I'm looking for a unicorn, I know ? Sorry for the drawn out question and thanks!
  5. What's making this noise? April, East Bridgewater, MA IMG_5165.mp3
  6. What made this beautiful song? Recorded in the SFV, March 3, 2020. (There are goldfinches and a YRW in the background). Video.mp3
  7. I live in SE Pennsylvania, in a small town 26 miles NW of Philadelphia. Farms, woodlands, streams, and reservoirs are all around, and the Schuylkill River is a quarter mile from my home. This bird sings from a large tree too distant to identify even with binoculars. I have only this recording for a possible ID. Can anyone make an ID using just its song? Voice 005.m4a
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