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Found 17 results

  1. We have a lake here that is home to many domestic waterfowl--ducks and geese--and lots of hybrids. These were taken in the past few days. Any help or schooling would be greatly appreciated. I'm curious about the one with the green head, buff body and blue bill (or do ducks have beaks?) Thanks
  2. I took this a couple days ago here in Southern KY. I'm used to seeing Carolinas but this one seemed to have an inordinately dark breast. He's facing the sun so it's not shadowed....Any thoughts? Thanks
  3. Taken yesterday, farm field in Bowling Green, KY. It's the only photo I was able to get before he flew off. Along with the Sparrows; Indigo Buntings, Rose-breasted and Blue Grosbeaks also like to hang out in this field. Thanks
  4. Saw a bunch, less than 10, not really a "flock", of birds land in the top of a distant tree. Decided to see if I could figure out what they were. No joy. Sorry for the poor quality (I hate posting ugly pics), but like I said, the tree was a fair distance from me. The 4th pic was there with them, but he seems different. Any help?
  5. Yellow birds are confusing....lol. These 2 made a stop in the yard yesterday. 1 & 2 --Orchard Oriole and 3 Pine Warbler. Thanks.
  6. Okay. I've seen Red-tailed, Red-shouldered, Cooper's and Broad-winged Hawks with a 1/2 mile of my house here in Bowling Green, KY. This is the only picture I was able to get before he dropped below the tree line and went over the ridge this morning. This would be the first Broad-winged I've seen this year, if that's what it is, but my id skills have been pretty suspect lately...lol
  7. This was taken a few days ago in Warren Co., KY. We're about an hour north of Nashville. So, barn swallows are back here and I could watch them zipping across the open fields all day. There were several perched on the power line, but when they all took off, this guy was still sitting there pondering life,
  8. I was stalking some YRW's this morning but when I went thru my pics, well, this one looks different. Feel like I should know, but this solitary confinement has my brain a bit rattled.
  9. I took these yesterday and today in Warren Co. Ky (about an hour north of Nashville). I believe that the first is a Broad-winged Hawk and the second a Red-tailed Hawk. The third I think is a Red-tailed but just thought I'd check. The Hawks around here have been making the Crows crazy the last few days. Thanks.
  10. I took this today (same bird/2 pics). When I pulled up images of yellow-rumped warbler, it also discussed the myrtle warbler. So I was hoping someone could explain this to me. Am I understanding correctly that there are multiple kinds of yrw, and this one is the myrtle variety? Sorry if this is a silly question--I'm just trying to learn. thanks
  11. Kept catching flashes of him this morning, but he finally set still long enough to get a pic. I'm about an hour north of Nashville in southern Kentucky, surrounded by woods and pasture land.
  12. This raggedy looking blue bird showed up at my feeder this morning. I am in South Central Kentucky and have a variety of "blue" birds that hang out--Blue Jays, Indigo Buntings, Eastern Bluebirds among them. It's pretty overcast and ugly here this morning, and the pics are thru a window (that obviously needs cleaned lol). So, who was visiting this morning? Thanks
  13. Horrible pic but I hope it's enough for id. Taken in a tree line, near open fields. Yellow brow and belly and I think I can see a white eye ring. Played with it a bit to brighten it up and bring up the colors.
  14. I thought that the first 2 pictures might be a female Summer Tanager. The other, I'm just stumped for some reason. Thanks
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