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  1. On July 3rd I rescued a baby sparrow that had fallen from her nest. No trace of her parents whatsoever. I took care of her until yesterday. She was a very docile, sociable and intelligent baby sparrow. I fed her with the food that was recommended to me by an specialist and until the last moments she ate normally and her droppings were normal too. One thing we always noticed about her is that she scratched her wings and body in general insistently, roughly. We bought a product for the mites just in case and tried to sprayed it carefully over her body and wings (just once a week according to the recommendations) she was also very likely to fell asleep almost anywhere during daytime. Her last two days ...we noticed that she ate as usual and her droppings weren't abnormal but she would fall asleep easily. These last two days her chirp was different too, it was weak. We also noticed that she lots some feathers on her left cheek. She would follow me around the house looking me in the eyes as if she was asking me to "pick her up" with my hands. She would allow me to kiss her and caress her. Whenever I called her she came jumping very fast. Everything seemed fine so far with her and just like that she died. It happened yesterday overnight. I feel very sad. Helpless. I loved her so much and I still do. I don't know what went wrong? I feel guilty of her death even though I know that she was very well taken care of. We loved her and we know that she loved us. We never put her in a cage. She was free to roam the house and also our garden (she didn't fly even though she was almost 2 months and a half old. We always thought it was because she was comfortable with us but I might've been because she was sick all this time and we didn't know). I tried to give her the best life she could possibly have for a baby sparrow. That's the only comfort I have right now. Thanks for taking your time to read this. The last picture is from the last week before she died. The first one was taken a week or two after we rescued her.
  2. This was taken on May 7th 2023, in southwest Wisconsin just inside some woods. Is this a sparrow and what type? Thanks in Advance Karen
  3. Found this little fellow in the Antelope Valley California. I'm thinking it's a Leucistic Savanah Sparrow because of the slight yellow over it's eye. Any Thoughts.
  4. Good Afternoon, I was in central Florida at Kissimmee prairie area on 11/15 a place known to be home of the endemic Florida Grasshopper Sparrow and migrating grasshopper sparrows usually arriving in late November and encountered 4 sparrows in a thicket at once - the first group of single bird photos I believe are Swamp Sparrow and Savannah Sparrow respectively, the following sets of pictures of two birds on a dead bush look to me to be two different sparrows and I'm interested in the professional advice on the board. Don't want to overwhelm you with pics that are taken from video but I put I think enough to help out. The top bird flashed yellow on the wings in the last photo and is a Grasshopper Sparrow of some kind the bottom bird is different in a number of ways, notably very strong white eye ring and there does appear to be difference in beak size and colorations. Am I looking at two different kinds of grasshopper sparrows? Thanks in advance
  5. NYC May 19 I didn't recognize it even as a Sparrow when I saw it. Looking at video today, I'm wondering if it's a Savannah or Lincoln because every few years I've seen both in this area. Not enough color in the video to see clear markings -- except for the tan curve on its neck under its eye, which could mean Lincoln's. (The vid-caps aren't enhanced.) Thanks.
  6. what kind of sparrow is that? seen yesterday on Toronto. thanks
  7. I took a picture of this bird at the end of April in 2020 in Wisconsin. Also around that day were White-throated Sparrow and Red-Winged Blackbirds. I'm not sure if it is one of those femailes or possibly a young female or a whole different bird. They are not the best shots but hopefully are enough. Thanks in Advance Karen
  8. We have a bird feeder outside out kitchen window and see lots of House Finches (I think) but this new one came the other day and has stuck around. It's smaller than the rest but I'm unable to ID it. We are west of Boise, Idaho about an hour and it's January of 2021. Weather is upper 30s/low 40s during the day. Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you!
  9. Hi, what kind of sparrow is that? I'm bad with Sparrows. ? thanks
  10. Distant photograph, in the rain, of a bird in an agricultural field. There were about ten Savannah sparrows in the field with it, but this one looked different, so I snapped a few pics. Raleigh, NC. Nov. 11, 2020. Grasshopper sparrow? The dark line at the base of the neck is something I'm not seeing in any photos of sparrows online or in guide books. Thanks! Scott
  11. New York City, Oct 8, 2020 I thought the Warbler might be a Yellow-rump, but I didn't see the yellow rump. I didn't get a good look of the one I labeled Swamp Sparrow, or maybe it's a Song Sparrow. I definitely saw a White Throat or 2, I could see the yellow. But I don't see the yellow on this one. I think the third one is a Song Sparrow. Thanks.
  12. The best match I can find is Dickcissel. Corpus Christi, Texas just the other day.
  13. Southeastern Washington State (zip 99352), size of a Robin or Starling. NOT coloring of starling I have ever seen! Brown, not black. Color pattern on back wings same as a sparrow. Certainly not a sparrow, tho, either! All by "himself" at the feeder. Ate sunflower seeds in gulps!
  14. Is this another song sparrow or did I spot something different this time? I was thinking it might be a Lincoln's... This was sighted in a farmer's field around noon on the Bruce Peninsula (near Lion's Head) in Ontario, Canada. Thanks!
  15. It’s black has yellow stripe under its eyes long pointy bill it made a nest in one of my outdoor buildings had 4 white eggs in it that are now hatched.
  16. Could this be a chipping sparrow? I didn't think they were this grey.
  17. Hi, I saw this sparrow yesterday in Toronto, ON. Any idea what kind it is? thx
  18. hi, is that a fox sparrow? seen yesterday in Toronto. thx
  19. Is this an American Tree or Chipping Sparrow? Today in Chambersburg, PA.
  20. Hello, I saw this sparrow on my deck today in Maryland. I am guessing it is Leucistic Sparrow. I am not which sparrow. The front looked like a Song Sparrow or part White-throated Sparrow, not sure which one. IMG_1741A by Eileen, on Flickr IMG_1738A by Eileen, on Flickr Thanks for your reply, Eileeninmd
  21. HI, can you please help me identify those birds? I saw them in February in Algonquin Park, Ontario.
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