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Found 9 results

  1. Found in NYC this week. I see orange streaks on the face so I thought maybe Lincoln's Sparrow.
  2. Observed a few days ago in Chicago, Illinois in the middle of the city among a group of house sparrows. Pictures are a little blurry. Slightly more upright than house sparrows; hopping on the grass. A light brown streak visible above and below the eye. Black spots on the upper chest. I thought it could be a harris sparrow, but not sure. I don't see black on top of the head. Not familiar with midwest birds, so any input would be appreciated! Thanks! Ryan
  3. This bird literally perched in front of me this morning defying me to not film it out on the mid-south Florida marsh. It struck me immediately as odd as it was nearly all dark and the environmental light was good, fair and even so these untouched video frame captures are pretty accurate. I've filmed song sparrows, savannah sparrows and such etc. in Florida and North Carolina. Odd that the dark brown streaks come up from a nearly black or extreme dark brown solid belly and undertail area. I'm sure the experts here will nail it right away. Its song was nothing spectacular, but not like a song or savannah. Thanks in Advance
  4. Going through my picture archive and have some un-tagged little brown birds from this summer I could use some help/confirmation on. Thanks! 1. 2020-Aug-08 at Tamarac NWR, MN - ??? 2. 2020-Aug-16 near Grayling, MI - Chipping Sparrow? 3. 2020-Aug-16 near Grayling, MI - Song Sparrow? 4. 2020-Aug-17 near Grayling, MI - Savannah Sparrow? 5. 2020-Aug-18 at DeSoto NWR, IA - Clay-colored Sparrow?
  5. Seen at Carrizo Plain NM, CA on 11/24/19. 1. Savannah Sparrow and Bell's Sparrow 2. Bell's Sparrow 3.-5. Vesper Sparrow
  6. These were all in Southeast Michigan on 7/26/2019 where Henslow's Sparrows were reported. I 100% heard a Henslow's Sparrow, but I don't think it showed itself. I believe these are mostly/all Savannah, maybe a Song. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
  7. I need help identifying this sparrow. Picture taken three days ago at Inks Lake Fishery in Texas. I thought it might be a clay color sparrow but the color of the bill and plumage do not seem right. George
  8. On August 12th, I took a day trip to the Sunrise area of Mt. Rainier and birded up in the alpine and subalpine at 6000-7000ft above sea level. I have terrible blurry pictures of three birds where I think I know what they are but I want to have some extra eyes look them over just in case, especially because one of them is potentially a long-sought-after life bird. I haven't done any post-processing of the photos yet because I don't know how much good that can do for most of them, the subject is just too far away to be anything but a vaguely bird-shaped pixelated blob. First up is a sparrow that is either a Chipping Sparrow in nonbreeding plumage or a Brewer's Sparrow. Chipping Sparrow would make more sense given the habitat; the last eBird report of a Brewer's Sparrow at Sunrise was in 2016. It's really looking like a Brewer's to me but because of the rarity I want to tread carefully. It was mixed in with a flock of juncos foraging and bathing just at the treeline. The other two are large accipiters and I desperately want at least one of them to be a Northern Goshawk, but I don't want to trick myself into thinking I saw one if I didn't. Here's the one I'm 90% convinced is a goshawk, conveniently with the worst quality photos on this post: This was a BIG bird, at the very least red-tail sized, with fast, powerful flight over the treetops. Its flight pattern seemed like something between buteo and accipiter, with some flapping but also a lot of (very fast) gliding. Goshawks are hard to come by, especially in Washington state, but they are a resident at Sunrise and this bird was in the correct habitat (subalpine coniferous forest and parkland.) If you squint, you can just barely see a supercilium in some of the pictures. It had a noticeably long tail and pale underside. This next one I'm thinking is just the biggest, baddest, beefiest mother of all Cooper's Hawks. She was also at or approaching red-tail size, which first got me excited and thinking juvenile goshawk, but what I can see of the field markings in the photos I took don't seem to line up. I really wish I had gotten a cleaner shot of the tail bands to see if the black is edged in white because that's a more precise diagnostic than a strong supercilium or streaky belly, because Cooper's can have those too. It's hard to tell from the terrible photo quality (and impossible in 8x binoculars, this bird was a good 300 or so feet away) whether or not the streaking goes down to her tail, but I'm guessing not, especially based on that last shot. Nice long and broad tail, white supercilium (just barely visible,) and huge size point to goshawk, but I don't think I have enough evidence here to clearly call it. If a monster-sized Cooper's was going to live anywhere, a national park with large stretches of intact wilderness would be the right place!
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