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Found 11 results

  1. hi, is that a bank swallow or a northern rough-winged swallow? thx
  2. previously we have confirmed at this bridge location several cave swallows on utility lines over bridge. the attached pictures were taken under the bridge on 5/13. This is a cup shaped nest with one visable youngster. Is it possible to ID as a cave swallow?
  3. Please ID this swallow....taken today in Maricopa County, Arizona. TY
  4. I hope I am posting this right. I rescued a swallow and its family has moved on. Kind of a long story.. When it was new hatchling, it fell from its nest, about 7 ft, onto the concrete. I picked it up and checked it out, it seem fine so I placed it back in its nest. 2-3 weeks later, all the baby swallows flew away..except the one I rescued. It is unable to fly. So after 3 days of observing, I took it in and started to care for it. I called around to places nd they hinted they would have to put it down, so I decided to keep it. It is literally the sweetest bird. One small problem. It eats!! and oh does it eat. I have fed it maybe 40 worms in a day. At my pet store, they cost around 4 to 5 dollars for 50 of them, so its getting pricey. What else can I feed the little guy?? (btw, i treated it for mites, and bought a small home for it)
  5. Hello, Today I visited a bridge in central Florida where barn swallows and cliff swallows are known to roost; however rarely, cave swallows are seen here too. Today I saw this swallow (Image 1) which I believe is a cave swallow. Note the orange forehead and paler cheeks. Compare it to image 2 which I am for sure is a cliff swallow (Note the darker cheeks and paler forehead). The strangest part was both were landing on the same nest. Thanks for the help!
  6. I went hiking in the hills in Simi Valley which is on the border of Los Angeles County but it is in Ventura County in Southern California. In the hills there is an abandoned golf course with a small lake or pond. There are swallow or swift type looking birds swooping around close to the water and I have no idea what type of birds these are. I have searched and looked at my bird books with no success. The bird is mostly black with white around its neck and a white stomach. This is the only photo I was able to get because they flew very fast.
  7. Seen on the Bob Jones Trail in Avila Beach, CA on ‎March ‎16‎, ‎2019. Northern Rough-Winged?
  8. Hi, I saw this bird last week in Toronto. What kind of Swallow is it? thx
  9. There were quite a few of these swallows at Quarry Lakes Regional Park, in Union City, CA today. Only managed one ok shot. My best guess is Northern Rough-winged Swallow, but not confident. Thanks!
  10. I'm wading through some older photos. This bird was perched on a sign near a large pond in the middle of several dozen acres of farm fields. The bird remained for several minutes before taking off. It appears to me to be a swallow. I think there are six species in central SC. Too much white for a male Purple Martin, not enough spots underneath for a female. The pattern of white on the neck isn't right for a Tree or Bank, and the open pond in flat land doesn't suit a Bank's habitat. Not enough orange for a Barn or Cliff I'm left with Northern Rough-Winged, but it looks too dark compared to photos I have of confirmed NRWS. Is that just the angle of the light? April 2016, Lexington County, central SC. Thanks.
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