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Found 3 results

  1. Hi - I could use some help identifying birds from a recent (August) trip to Wyoming's Wind River range. This includes three woodpeckers that I am having trouble distinguishing, one bird that I think I identified, and one that is puzzling me. Woodpeckers All seen between 8000' and 8500'. I've looked at various guides to telling them apart but overall am not sure. Bird A - I think this is a Hairy Woodpecker, based on the head, wings, and white body? Bird B - Bird C - not sure? Very similar to B, but body is spotted / barred. Bird D - Western Tanager? Also seen around 8500', on the ground in the forest. Bird E - No good ideas. Colors kind of remind me of a varied thrush, but the patterns don't fit. Seen around 12300', on rocks at a mountain pass. Thanks for any help!
  2. What are the odds I spotted a Summer Tanager in GA today, Feb 9? I live in mixed woods, only opening in canopy is immediately around house. It was definitely not a cardinal but about same size. It was red with a light colored beak (yellow?), NO black mask. Wings had a little gray/black mixed in. It MAY have had an eye ring. It stopped by platform feeder with peanut pieces and sunflower kernels hanging from porch for less than 30 seconds around 5pm. Too quick for pic. He ducked below sightline for a moment. Not sure if he ate. Seemed skittish but didn't fly off when a chickadee came by, grab a nut and flew off. He took off right after. I've only seen a Tanager one other time here (in June). This sighting didn't match location map since it says Tanagers are here during breeding. I'm fairly new to birding, so I'm not sure if the maps are absolute...or if they have an insanely early breeding season. Can anyone tell me if this is normal behavior or if it's some other possible red bird? Thanks!
  3. Hi, is this a female Scarlet Tanager? seen 2 weeks ago in the Presqu'Ile Provincial Park, Ontario. A male was not far.
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