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Found 3 results

  1. I was hoping I could get some ID help on some recent ducks seen in Cook County, IL. Sorry for the low-quality pictures. The first is from Oct. 29. I initially thought was a Northern Shoveler based on the bill and behavior (swimming with its bill angled down, straining the water), but looking back I'm wondering if it might have been a Blue-winged Teal. There is a faint facial marking and it did seem fairly small. I included a picture of it with some mallards for comparison The second is from Nov. 4. I didn't get a great short unfortunately, but these two seemed just slightly smaller than nearby mallards, and just a little different. I was thinking either Gadwall or American Black Duck, but realize it may be impossible to tell from the shots I have. Finally, some Scaups seen on Nov. 13. Pretty sure these are lessers, but want to see if anyone can confirm. Thanks! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  2. Was going through some vacation photos from last year and found a few photos I'm not sure of. There were some teal in Jackson, WY and I know some (most) of them were Green-winged, but this one had a larger bill. Also looks like there might be some damage near base of bill. Please advise. This was 8/29/2017, Jackson, WY.
  3. Hello, I saw this bird in wetlands in Spain. It was in a wild bird reserve, with apparently a lot of northern shovelers, common teals, common pochards, red-crested pochards and mallard ducks (according to their info boards). I suppose it is one of those. Unfortunately we can't see the colours properly and it was taken from a distance with the sun in my eyes so I couldn't tell. It looked very much like a female mallard - and might be one - but to me the bill looks longer than a mallard's. Is it a teal? Thank you!
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