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Found 3 results

  1. I recently stayed at a cabin in Paris Tennessee, and saw this large hawk-like bird above the large lake. The area is in the middle of the woods as well, in February, about midday. It seems to have a white head with a dark crown and around its eyes, and a solid white stomach with a bit of darker speckles on the chest. Unfortunately these are the best photos I have to share, even with my macro camera lens. Most search results came up with an Osprey? I know next to nothing about birds, but this fella just looks so beautiful, any help in identifying what kind it is would be appreciated!
  2. Recently, I've been going through some old audio files from the summer, and I've come across this bird call which has me stumped. To my ear, it doesn't sound quite sharp enough to be a Cardinal, although it is pretty similar. I was thinking it could be a warbler call of some sort, but sounds aren't my strong point, so I can't be 100% sure. The warblers found at the time were Yellow and Kentucky - maybe it's one of them? It was recorded in a park on the edge of a lake. There's a decent sized chunk of wooded area which is prone to being flooded after a big rain, so it's often quite wet and muddy. I don't fully remember how wet the area was on the day of recording, but I do remember it being warm and sunny at the time. If it helps, it was recorded at around 2pm. Let me know if any more information is needed. Hopefully it's identifiable!
  3. Is this a juvenile Neotropic Cormorant? Found on the morning of 3rd September and the afternoon before at Old Hickory Dam in Sumner County, Tennessee. It was sitting in the same spot both times, on the bank of the river near the dam with no other cormorants near by.I believe it could be a Neotropic Cormorant over a Double-crested Cormorant due to the overall browner colour, absence of orange lores, angle of gular pouch, presence of white border around gular pouch, pointy covert feathers, and proportionally long tail. It appears its tail may be wedge shaped too, but it's hard to tell from the angle in the photos.Compared to a confirmed sighting of a Neotropic Cormorant in Davidson County, Tennessee from last year, this cormorant looks nearly identical. Additionally, it looks very similar to a current confirmed Neotropic Cormorant in Cocke County, Tennessee.I posted this on Reddit and in a Tennessee Birding Facebook group previously, and while a couple of people have agreed it may be a Neotropic, the idea of it being a Neotropic x Double-crested hybrid was also raised. I believe this not to be the case, since what little information about hybrids I've found suggests that one would not have the white border around the gular pouch and may retain the orange lores. However, I'm certainly still open to it being a possibility.Thanks in advance!
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