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Found 7 results

  1. Took a couple of pictures of a group of 27 Terns and a Ring-Billed Gull flying past In North Central Texas this past Monday 10/4. Had thought them all to be Forster's, but was reviewing my pics and it looks like the 2nd from the last Tern may be an immature Common. Could I get someone to verify either, or? Thanks! Adding the original shot and a cropped version. The tern in question is in front of the gull.
  2. Hello, Currently there is a tropical storm offshore of central Florida, so I watched from the shore hoping to see birds blown in. One bird was far out and I could not identify it. Please look at the attached image. The body shape reminds me of a tern, but the long black wingtips are what's confusing me. Any ideas of what it could be?
  3. Greetings, Yesterday at Fort Desoto Park, Florida, I saw these two small terns side-by-side within a huge flock of royal terns. Image 1 appears to be a common tern, due to the black wingtips, grayer belly (kind of hard to tell by the pic), and longer beak. Image 2 appears to be a forster tern due to the lighter wingtips and shorter beak. If I'm correct, is it normal for the two to flock? Common terns are quite uncommon (ironic) in Florida; thus, I'm not used to seeing them.
  4. Hello Whatbird, I am having difficulty with this tern. It was among a group of Caspian. It is the tern in front facing to the right with orange bill. It is different than the Caspians in the group. I have had a few people say it was a possible juvenile Caspian and others have said Royal. There was at least one Royal seen in the area, Bombay Hook NWR, Kent County, DE 8/17/2019 Thank you, Nancy Erickson
  5. I took these shots yesterday at Jones Beach, NY. I don't know if the gray on the neck makes them Common Terns or the white undersides makes them Forster's Terns, or none of the above.
  6. July Salton Sea: 1. Forsters, Common, or Arctic? 2. One of the Dowitchers? 3. A Sandpiper?
  7. I need help in IDing some of the terns in the attached pics. They were photographed at approximately 12 pm on Sept. 14, 2018, at Huguenot Memorial City Park in Duval County, near Jacksonville, FL. Shorebirds are a new challenge for me, so any help and instruction will be most appreciated. In all three pictures, I'm hoping to identify the smaller terns (not the Caspians or Skimmers). Thanks!
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