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Found 10 results

  1. The two of us are in the planning stages of an inaugural birding trip to Texas. We've only done incidental birding while visiting San Antonio and through the terminal windows at DFW. We are thinking either Galveston or the Rio Grande area and hoped we could get some insight from any Texans on the site. Questions: Both Rio Grande (Fall) and Galveston (Spring) have birding festivals. Has anyone been? Are these worth attending or are we better off birding on our own? The more I bird, the less I like doing so in groups, but we would like to maximize our birding experience. Of those two places, any suggestions on which to choose for our introduction to Texas birding? Or elsewhere? If going to higher elevations would need to spend a couple of days acclimating Texas specialties and rarities are great, and we also just like to bird new places and enjoy the local flavor and attractions. We usually alot 10 days for our sojourns, including travel time. @TexasCobra @Caley Thomas 2.0 @Jim Highberger
  2. I was driving at 9:30pm in Jim Wells County, Texas on an unpaved county road. This bird was in the middle of the road and fluttered up and hit the front of my car. I wasn't going fast and certainly didn't expect this to happen. We found it on the road as we drove back a few minutes later. I'm thinking it was already ill when I hit it??? Anyway, I'd like to know what species it is so we can make a donation to any wildlife rescue rehabilitator who takes these birds into care.
  3. While photographing the spring warblers in the backyard this afternoon, April 20, this bird landed on a branch in the wooded area just beyond the back fence. He stayed several minutes before flying off. I have several water sources and feeders in the yard. I am in Kendall County, Texas, northwest of San Antonio. Until a couple days ago we had been without much rain for months and I have been seeing a number of migrating warblers return over multiple days to drink and bathe. I think it might be a Northern or Louisiana Waterthrush but I'm not even sure they get to this area. The light in the woods wasn't bright so I did remove some noise from the photos.
  4. 06 Aug 2021 Dallas/Tarrant cos. TX (taken from dirty airport window at DFW)
  5. We're back in Texas again, so I just decided to give ya'll an update on what's been happening down here. Day 1: Arrived at Corpus Christi from south-central KS. Day 2: Got lifer Herring Gull and went to North Beach, where I got a photo lifer, Ruddy Turnstone. https://ebird.org/checklist/S80834331 Day 3: Went to Aransas NWR and found lifers Reddish Egret and Neotropic Cormorant. Also saw lots of White-tailed Deer and an alligator. https://ebird.org/checklist/S80832910 Day 4: Weather not good for birding, so went to Texas State Aquarium instead. Had a lot of fun there. Day 5: (yesterday) Went to Linda S. Castro Nature Sanctuary where I found lifer and rarity Clay-colored Thrush. After getting a good checklist there, We went to Rockport Beach and got two lifers: Long-billed Curlew and Caspian Tern. https://ebird.org/checklist/S81185227 https://ebird.org/checklist/S81248589
  6. Finally got out of town (San Antonio area) to see some new birds (for me) in Guadalupe Mountains National Park over Columbus Day weekend.. It was hot, sunny, and windy, but the birds were plentiful. I am still trying to figure out a few of them, including a Sapsucker, and another bird that I think might be a female Oriole, but I can't figure out which one. The beak seems different than that of Orioles in the guides. This particular bird feasted on berries and didn't seem to mind me snapping away from only about 12 feet. Guadalupe Mountains National Park is in the Trans-Pecos area of Texas, just south of the Texas-New Mexico border. The photos were taken on 10-11 October. I appreciate anyone's help.
  7. First week of May I was birding near Laguna Atascosa in South Texas. Lots of singing sparrows, both Cassins and Botteri's, but we found that distinguishing the silent birds was difficult. Two photos here, the first I believe is a Botteri's based on the plain brown chest, large dark bill, and a hint of a gray neck. The second is somewhat tricky. Based on the stripe down the side of the throat, some speckling on the neck, and less buff on the sides I was leaning Cassins. Input appreciated! - Justin Watts, MN
  8. I saw this sparrow in Montell, Uvalde County, Texas. Hill Country with nearby river frontage on the Nueces River. Date was September 16, 2018 at about 1:30PM. I only saw it the one time and it was silent. Mostly pale beige with streaks of darker brown and tan on back, sides and breast. Pink legs. Larger than nearby field sparrow but smaller, I think, than a lark sparrow. It has been suggested that this is a Cassin's, but I'm not sure. I'm including some images that I hope will help.
  9. I was on Mustang Island , TX, near Corpus Christi, this morning and this was sitting on the power line. It was raptor day, a couple of Osprey, Caracawa's, and 2 i am do not know. Wrong color feet to be an Osprey and the beak is green/grey
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