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Found 9 results

  1. HI, not sure if those are Veeries of Swainson thrushes. seen today in Toronto. thx
  2. Hi, what kind of Thrush is it I saw yesterday in Toronto? thanks
  3. Hi, I saw this thrush-like bird standing still for a long time on this log. It was today at 11 am on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada. At first glance I thought it was an American Robin. My poor photo lacks enough detail for me to be sure what I saw. Any clues I might be missing? Thanks!
  4. Hello, 1. I have taken pictures of this migrating thrush along the west coast of Florida. However, I cannot decide if its a gray-cheeked thrush or a swainson's thrush. The buffiness makes me think swainson's but the eye ring looks a bit faint, so it may be a gray-cheeked. If anyone could help that would be great! 2. Not as good of a photo, but I found this photo taken last October during fall migration in Central Florida. I'm pretty sure this one is a swainson's because its eyering is pretty distinct. 3. I'm 90% Sure this one is a Gray Cheeked. Dull Color, Basically no eye ring. However, if I'm wrong please do tell. Thanks!
  5. Location: Batterson Park Pond, Farmington, CT Date: 24-AUG-19 Can someone please help identify these 2 species?
  6. Saw this little thrush hop up onto the deck for some mealworms yesterday in Montgomery County Maryland. I didn't notice any of the usual reddish/rufous coloring around the tail that once typically sees in the Hermiit Thrush and seemed a little smaller as well. This photo is taken with my iPhone, (which is cracked) so I'm sorry the quality isn't any better. What do you guys think?
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