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Found 20 results

  1. Sorry for the repeated Subspecies spamming in this forum ? But, I spotted this guy in our yard just a few minutes ago. The dark, convex bib contrasting with the lighter gray over pink sides, look pretty good to me I think for a Cassiar or Cismontanus.
  2. 1-3. Iceland? 4. Western? 5. Western? Herring? 6. Western? Herring? 7. Western? Herring? 8. Cali? Herring?
  3. Making sure Sora and Bewick's Wren for the audio. The bewick's wren thing sings at 4 seconds and 22 seconds in. It's not the actual bewick's wren thing. For the photos: 1-2. Sooty? 3-4. Pure Red-breasted or hybrid with Red-naped? Liam.m4a Weird.m4a
  4. Hi all, As I was leaving a mixed habitat park today, I saw and heard a passerine (maybe about the same size or smaller than a Robin, but I only saw it for half a second so that may not be accurate). My view was obstructed so I attempted to get audio and managed to get two series of call notes recorded. The calls in question are the loud two noted calls. Perhaps a Pipit? Idk flyover.m4a
  5. Yesterday a Hoary Redpoll was reported in my county. Today I found a large flock of commons, and photographed this individual. It seemed quite a bit paler, and maybe had a smaller bill than a common. Unfortunately the whole flock flew before I could get any more pics. Thanks in advance for any opinions on this bird!
  6. Hi all, I apologize in advance for the poor quality of these shots, the birds were quite distant. the bird in question is the one near the top of the frame in the first two shots. It seemed larger than the other gull ( which is a Herring, I think) but that’s could just be me. But what is really throwing me is what appears to be a darker upper wing. Is it one of the black backed gulls or just a Herring? Thanks!
  7. 1-2. Shearwater 3. Gull? 4-5. Jaeger 6. NOFL
  8. All of these birds were seen at Oso Flaco today I have more pictures if needed 1-3. Baird's Sandpiper 4. Redhead? 5. Canvasback?
  9. 1-2. Greater Yellowlegs? (At Jim May Park, Santa Maria, CA) 3. Dowitcher sp. (Also at Jim May Park, Santa Maria, CA) 4-5. Greater Yellowlegs? (At Santa Maria Water Treatment Plant, Santa Maria, CA) 6-10. Solitary Sandpiper? (Also at the water treatment plant) 11-12. Kestrel? (at the WTP) 13. Yellowlegs (at the WTP) 14-15. ? (At Oceano Campground, Oceano, CA)
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