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  1. Hi, I need some help confirming which warblers those are. seen in Toronto in September. Can you help? Thanks
  2. Hi, can you please confirm that this is an immature female Bay-breasted Warbler that I saw in September in Toronto? thx
  3. Hi, I was told this is a horned grebe. yet it doesn't have red eyes. is it really a horned grebe? thanks
  4. Hi, I saw those birds this week in Toronto. I think there is an American Redstart. Not sure about the fall feathers of the other ones. Can you help? Thanks
  5. Hi, is this s female or a male Eastern Towhee? I was thinking female.
  6. Hi, I saw this sparrow yesterday in Toronto, ON. Any idea what kind it is? thx
  7. Hi, I saw this bird in Toronto, ON, yesterday. Is it a phoebe or a flycatcher? what kind? thanks
  8. hi, is that a fox sparrow? seen yesterday in Toronto. thx
  9. Hi, I saw this bird in Toronto yesterday. Any chance it can be identified? thx.
  10. Hi, I saw this bird from my balcony in Toronto yesterday. Is that an immature red-tailed Hawk?
  11. Hi, I saw this bird in Toronto 2 weeks ago. Is it an immature white-crowned sparrow? thx
  12. Hello all, I live in Toronto and just had a visitor to my yard that I have never seen before. It's small bird (a bit smaller than a sparrow) and appears to be olive/green on top with yellow tones on the breast/belly, has a white (maybe tan) eye ring and long, narrow bill. At first I thought it was a female/juvenile Goldfinch but when I zoomed in with my camera I didn't see the familiar wing markings of a Goldfinch and the bill looked different. Also the body shape of this bird looks different from a Goldfinch. This bird is roundish. I'm thinking a female Connecticut Warbler. My area
  13. Hi, I saw this / those birds in Toronto, ON, in July. So am I correct by saying that since they have yellow legs they are Least Sandpipers? thx
  14. Hi, I saw those birds in Toronto, ON, last week. Are they sandpipers? Semipalmated ones?
  15. Hi, I saw this hummingbird yesterday in Toronto. Is it a female or an immature? There was a male there as well. thx
  16. hi, I saw this bird yesterday in Toronto. is it a female yellow warbler?
  17. Hi, I saw this bird yesterday in Toronto. is it a Least Flycatcher? thx
  18. Hi, I saw this bird in Toronto yesterday. is it a female black-throated blue warbler? thx
  19. For this one I was thinking house wren... seen this weekend in Toronto. thx
  20. Hi, I saw this bird today in Toronto. I have no idea what it could be.
  21. Hi, I saw this American Kestrel today in Toronto, ON. Can we tell if it is a male or female? I would have said female... thx
  22. Hi, I saw those birds last week in Toronto. Are they house finches? thx
  23. Hi, I saw those birds last week in Toronto, ON. are they Pine Siskins? thx
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