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  1. Please help me identify this bird. It was spotted in the cedars on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada around 10 am. Thanks!
  2. Going through some old pictures and found this one of a small yellow bird. It was taken last July in Southeast Wisconsin in a field. Is it warbler of some type? Karen
  3. 1. 4/17 at Fogarty Creek State Park in Lincoln County, Oregon. This bird was calling from some conifers near the edge of a clear cut. I think it's a Hutton's Vireo. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/331217261 2. 4/22 in Portland, OR. This warbler was singing from high up in some Douglas firs at the top of a steep slope. I uploaded two versions of this call; one that is heavily edited to try to bring out the call and the other one has not been tampered with as much. Edited - https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/331217631 Less edited - https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/331217641 Thank you for your help!
  4. Hi, I saw those birds in September in Toronto. Can you please confirm what they are? Thanks
  5. Hi, I need some help confirming which warblers those are. seen in Toronto in September. Can you help? Thanks
  6. Hi, can you please confirm that this is an immature female Bay-breasted Warbler that I saw in September in Toronto? thx
  7. Westport, Ct, October 1, warblers in pine and deciduous forest. Was guessing Pine and Palm but not certain. 1st photo is one individual; 2 and 3 are the same individual. Thanks for the help - new to this.
  8. Here's a Warbler species that I photographed at the beginning of last month. I can't quite figure out what it is. Can you help me out?
  9. New York City, Oct 8, 2020 I thought the Warbler might be a Yellow-rump, but I didn't see the yellow rump. I didn't get a good look of the one I labeled Swamp Sparrow, or maybe it's a Song Sparrow. I definitely saw a White Throat or 2, I could see the yellow. But I don't see the yellow on this one. I think the third one is a Song Sparrow. Thanks.
  10. Hello all. I’ve been seeing a yellowish warbler at my suet feeder for around 4 days now. I’ve looked in my field guide, but I’m still not quite sure. The pictures are pretty bad, so I’ll give a description too. Background Info: I live in West Michigan. The area has lots of farmland, but loads of trees too. Bird: The warbler overall appears yellow, and in flight I thought it was a goldfinch. It is slightly yellower in the breast, and a touch darker/more olive colored on top, but top and bottom are very similar in color. There is no streaking/markings on the breast, wings, or tail. There is a pale stripe above the eye. It appears to be white under the tail. Picture below. I also have seen a bird similar to the one described above, only with two white bars on the wings. And another with no white bars, but a gray head, and no eye stripe. Any ideas on these? Wasn’t able to take pics. again, sorry for the bad photos.
  11. I saw this warbler around noon on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada. At first I thought it was a Nashville Warbler but now I am leaning toward an Orange-Crowned Warbler due to the broken eye-ring and olive colour on top. Sorry, the pictures are are not the greatest.
  12. Where: Calgary, Alberta, Canada When: August 16 at 9:13 am MST What: Two yellow warblers drinking at our bird bath I suspect that these are immature Wilson's Warblers since we've had that species in our yard before. I apologize for the high-noise in the pictures, but I was shooting from inside the house and didn't have my telephoto lens. This is the second day they've come for a visit. They only use the bird bath to take a quick drink, and then vanish high into the trees.
  13. Hello. This morning i saw some small movement in the leaves and saw this small bird that i think is a warbler. It is greenish yellow with a gray head. Thanks!
  14. I believe all 3 are the same bird. They were sighted around 1:30 pm today in a cedar tree on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada. There are so many small grey-ish birds I am having trouble narrowing it down. Sorry about the poor picture quality.
  15. There were a couple of these birds jumping from branch to branch around dusk yesterday. They were up pretty high, but I was able to get one picture. Geographic location is Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, Canada. My best guess is yellow-rumped warbler. Can anyone confirm? Thank-you!
  16. Greetings, this is my first post here! Today I went birding at a scrubby flatwood in Central Florida, and I saw this bird hanging out with a flock of pine warblers in a low pine tree. I am having a hard time identifying it. However, the only two warblers I know with yellow "eyebrows" in Florida are the super common palm warbler and the rare kentucky warbler. However, we usually never see palm warlbers in breeding plumage, and this bird doesn't seem to have more stripes on the belly like a palm warbler. Can someone help me ID this warbler please?
  17. Good morning, All. Amongst the usual Goldfinches, Cardinals, Wrens, Chickadees, Doves, and Titmice at my feeders this morning, there was this unknown. Could this be an Orange-Crowned Warbler? It came readily to the feeder & suet. I did not see yellow on its flanks or elsewhere. It appeared overall olive/drab & has a faint hint of an eyeline. Sorry for the underexposure and subsequent lightening. I am posting both the original and the lightened version. Thank you all. 🙂 02/22/2020. Coastal Baldwin co., AL
  18. At Silvercreek Metropark in Northeast Ohio, there were three birds I couldn't positively identify on a recent birding trip. The first I am pretty sure is a song sparrow, but wanted to double check. A friend said the second is a Pewee but again wanted some confirmation. The last seems to be some kind of warbler . I initially thought Pine, then perhaps Palm, and settled on Blackpoll, but really am not certain at all. They were seen in the late afternoon/early evening on October 14th 2019 (around 4:30pm). Photos attached.
  19. Hi, are those Tennessee Warblers? Seen 2 weeks ago in the Presqu'Ile Provincial Park, Ontario. thx
  20. Hi, is that a Bay-breasted warbler? I'm confused because we don't see the brown crown. seen 2 weeks ago North of Toronto, ON. thx
  21. Hi, I saw this bird in Toronto yesterday. is it a female black-throated blue warbler? thx
  22. Sleuth on iBird Pro first said 99% confident Blackpoll Warbler with a photo from the right side but I don't think that one migrates through south texas, Port Aransas more specifically. The second photo with its left side profile Sleuth said 99% confident Bay-breasted Warbler. I'm leaning to the later as a female. Image taken 10-27-2018
  23. IMG_7382.CR2 I was looking for a LeCount`s Sparrow, that was seen on Saturday morning 11/17, at the Solis Hotel, near the airport, in Atlanta. I didn`t find that particular bird, but saw this one on Sunday 11/18, taking a dirt bath, or anting, about noon and haven`t been able to figure out what it is. There were lots of other sparrows and warblers, coming out of the brush, from an adjoining field, in back of the hotel, landing in these small trees and working the wet grass.
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