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Found 9 results

  1. Bird was photographed at Hawk Cliff Woods, May 15. Colour - dark brown/white feathers, peach coloured face with brown bars and small white patch above eye. Finch like beak.
  2. Hi, All. Does anyone have any insight/advice in IDing Snowy vs. Cattle Egrets in flight when you cannot see head plumage, foot color, or bill color? I used to think it was leg color (black for Snowy vs yellow for Cattle), but just read that non-breeding Cattle Egrets have black legs. Does flight pattern or whether solitary vs group have any bearing on separating these 2? We have both species year-round.
  3. I saw this bird in late May of 2020 in Southeast Virginia. I and having trouble with an ID.
  4. My friend and I are stumped- we can't figure out what bird this is! I was hiking near Buttermilk Falls in Columbia, NJ and I saw what looked like a migratory bird. The size of a catbird with a more full body and a slightly pointed head like a cardinal. Dark black body and white stomach and red spots under each wing. It was flying and flew into a small tree before flying away. I was unable to get a picture. It kind of sounded like, "Sooooweet!"
  5. Hi! I was out for a walk today and spotted what looks like a crow to me. At first I thought it was an albino crow, but it’s beak was black. Curious what kind it is? Has anyone seen this bird before? Sorry for the grainy photos. I took them with my phone. I live in Chilliwack, BC Canada. Thanks!
  6. I am located at Pato Blanco Lakes RV Park in Benson, AZ Date of all pictures is 02/09/2020 There are 3 ponds here with several different species of water fowl but I have 3 that I can't positively identify. They may be domestic water fowl but I'm not completely sure. Thanks for any and all responses. Very much appreciated. I think this is the White-fronted Goose. It rules the pond and is often seen breaking up mating of other water fowl. They also like to chase humans. I think this is most likely a domestic male duck but not sure of his species. He is mating with the next female duck that interestingly has a black bill while this male has the yellow bill. Both bills however seem to be the same shape. This is the female that the above male was mating to while I was taking pictures.
  7. This bird (goose?) was at Lake Elizabeth in Fremont, CA.
  8. Please help me identify this bird. This bird has yellow legs and feet with the upper beak that's black and a lower beak that's yellow with a yellow eye patch. A great egret has yellow beak and black legs and feet.
  9. Can anyone identify this bird? It was seen at Don Edwards NW Refuge (near Alviso) today It is white with a black cap, white eye patch, black back, and yellow legs. The two photos below are of the same bird. Thank you.
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