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Found 3 results

  1. Some flycatchers from the past week from Hardy Co. WV. #1. Phoebe? Maybe a young/molting one. He looks pretty rough. #2-5. Willow Flycatcher? Marshy/brushy habitat matched well with (in my experience) Willow. I heard it call a couple of times, a soft "whit" somewhat like a Least, but the bill seems too big for Least. I know fall empids are hard though, especially fall ones with only photos... ? Thanks for the help!
  2. On July 27th this year I saw this bird which I was unable to identify and promptly forgot about it. I was thinking willow flycatcher but I can't be certain. I have these ans several more horrible photos but probably good enough to id for someone with a good eye for this. Which apparently I do not have. I have tried books and websites in an attempt to ID it but now I will turn to the experts. :D It was seen at Cave Springs Arkansas in the afternoon at the Illinois River Watershed. If there is any information I forgot to put in here please feel free to ask. Thanks
  3. A new (for me) bird in our backyard a couple times in the last few days. Bancroft, Ontario, which is somewhat near Algonquin Provincial Park. Hangs out on a zipline wire about 10 feet up, then drops down to the lawn to presumably grab an insect then back to the wire. Had someone think it might be an Eastern Phoebe, the neat Merlin Bird Photo ID app suggested Willow Flycatcher or Acadian Flycatcher. I think it also kind of looks like the picture of an Eastern Wood-Peewee in one of my bird books. Most of the flycatchers look the same to me, although the wing bars make me think it is not an Eastern Phoebe. Thanks in advance for any help.
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