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Found 4 results

  1. 10/15/20, NYC. When I first saw this bird , in the sun, with bright orange color, very little spotting, and strong eyebrow, I thought Carolina Wren. But it was smaller than the one I remember seeing a couple of years ago. I also compared it with other Wrens, and noticed the Winter Wren sometimes looks a bit orange and also has an eyebrow. (The color seen in these photos IS what I saw.)
  2. I took this photo this morning in Lido Beach NY. Is it a House Wren? I wouldn't expect it to be perching like this high up in a tree but I really don't know. It had a rather loud 3-note call that didn't match what I found online. It reminded me more of a Cardinal's call. Except for the eyebrow, I might have thought it was a Mockingbird.
  3. Good morning, All. While watching my feeders this AM, I saw one Carolina Wren take food from a fruit & seed cake and feed it to another Carolina Wren. I've never seen Carolina Wrens feed together, much less feed each other, so this was exciting. Would they be a mated pair or parent-offspring (I know it's early, so not sure if they have had time to mate and reproduce?)? Baldwin co. (coastal), AL
  4. Photos taken at various sites as indicated within a few hour radius of Quetzaltenango in February of 2019: Wren - Lake Atitlan Possible emerald-chinned - Lake Atitlan Possible Azure-crowned - Lake Atitlan Possible Starthroat - Viejo Palmar (near Volcan Santa Maria) Possible Blue-tailed - Refugio del Quetzal
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