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Found 20 results

  1. Please ID this duck taken today in Maricopa County, Arizona. one of the photos shows size comparison with canvas backs. TIA
  2. These photos were taken on 1/5/19 at camp Verde, Arizona. We saw the raptor across the street from a busy highway. Could not get better views than this. Appreciate your help with ID.
  3. I saw this duck in flight today in Maricopa County, Arizona over a lake. Is it a scaup?...may be greater. Any help is appreciated.
  4. Seen today in Scottsdale, AZ. Is this a cardinal hybrid with pyrrhuloxia? any help is appreciated.
  5. Taken today in Scottsdale. Bald eagles are common in this location. But Merlin is saying golden eagle. It was very high and I saw it briefly. pls clarify.
  6. Taken today in SCOTTSDALE, Maricopa County, Arizona. Is this a Muscovy and mallard hybrid? Hanging out with mallards. TY
  7. Hi, this was taken today in scottsdale, Maricopa County, Arizona. I am not sure but leaning towards blue grosbeak. Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  8. Taken today in Maricopa County. Is it rose breasted or black headed grosbeak? thank you
  9. I did not see this bird in person, my husband took the pic. May 2017.
  10. This was recorded 2 days ago in Maricopa County, AZ. It makes ‘whit whit whit’ calls right before yellow breasted chat in the recording. Thank you very much. 20190527_145150.wav
  11. Taken in AZ in July, I thought this looked like a female Varied Bunting.
  12. Is this a Bronzed Cowbird? Taken in July in Madera Canyon, AZ.
  13. Hi. This hawk was seen today in southeastern AZ near Sonoita. There are rough legged hawks reported in the area. These photos are taken through a car window while snowing !!. Any thoughts and ID are appreciated. TIA.
  14. Hello! I am a beginning bird enthusiast and spotted a bird that was mostly grey with a whitish stomach and yellow lower stomach and underside. It was pretty small, maybe smaller than a house finch and I couldn't hear it where I saw it. Based on some searching I think it might be a Warbling Vireo? Here are some photos with mediocre quality, sorry about that: Habitat: Scrubby Desert, Urban Desert Location: Central Arizona, New River Area north of Phoenix Date: October, after some good rainfall My phone might have picked up on the yellow a bit more than in person, but it was definitely there. Thank you!
  15. This flycatcher was seen today in riparian area in Maricopa County, Arizona. Please help with ID
  16. Thanks in advance for your interest and/or help. We have a woodpecker of some type that just loves to drink from our hummingbird feeder, which hangs from our patio roof, even though it’s awkward for him/her. It’s much more skittish than the hummingbirds, and if I attempt to sneak out the patio door to get a closer look, it flies off before I even make it out the door, usually landing in a bushy tree in our neighbor’s yard over the back fence. Well, I decided to take a bunch of pictures of it through the window from a distance, so as not to scare it away. Then I cropped them and put them in an animated format. The lighting wasn’t great in the morning, and all you could see was a black silhouette, but you can see a bit of it’s feet/claws and tail feathers. I tried it again late in the afternoon with much better results. If you watch the second animation all the way through, you’ll see a better example of its coloring, and that it has a red spot on it’s crown. I think it’s a very light brownish gray or tannish gray color on its head and underneath, with blackish stripes on its back/wings/tail feathers. We live in the North Phoenix metro area, and I took the photos today, 8/12/18. We live near a golf course and man made lake, but our back yard hasn’t been landscaped yet. No greenery or even desert plants or cacti back there. We put the hummingbird feeder up only a couple weeks ago, and I noticed the woodpecker for the first time about a week ago. He has been by more and more frequently every day. Thanks again for your interest and help in identifying this woodpecker. I wonder if the sugar water in the feeder is good for him/her.
  17. Hi all. I went out to a pond near Flagstaff, Arizona yesterday morning. The sunflowers were blooming and I saw a lot of birds. 1) This one was clinging to some of the sunflowers. A Brewer's Sparrow? 2) This one was hanging out in the cat-tails near the water. 3) I spotted this one running through the reeds. I only got a quick look at it, and it ran off. Is it a Sora? 4) There were a few of these hanging out in the sunflowers. Is it a lesser goldfinch? 5) This one was also in the sunflowers, but I saw it earlier than the one above. It looks like the same species as 4, but 4 looks yellowish while I don't see as much yellow here, but maybe that's just me. Is it also a Lesser Goldfinch? Thanks!
  18. This is from a trail camera at Ruby, Santa Cruz County, AZ; riparian oak woodland at about 4,500'ASL, by a small lake; 3rd June 2018 All I can think of is a Common Black Hawk, which is certainly possible in that area. There was only the one frame of it. Anyone like to confirm or refute?
  19. Taken today in Maricopa County, AZ. Is this whimbrel or long billed curlew? Any help is appreciated. Thanq
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