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Found 11 results

  1. This bird was perched in the park of the Crystal Palace in Quito
  2. taken 6/29/19 at 9:16 AM Mahopac, NY This little bird appear to be alone going from branches to branches at the edge of a wooden area. It's the first time I've seen that bird. Is this a Great Crested Flycatcher?
  3. Hi, I saw this bird last month in Toronto. Any idea what kind of Flycatcher it is? thx
  4. I took these photos this morning at Oceanside NY. Another birder identified it by sound as an Alder Flycatcher. It does seem to match the photos on allaboutbirds.org. Correct species?
  5. Was visiting Chicago in May and not much experience with Eastern flycatchers. Any suggestions?
  6. Similar coloration of a Black Phoebe but an almost non-existent tail... Thx
  7. On July 27th this year I saw this bird which I was unable to identify and promptly forgot about it. I was thinking willow flycatcher but I can't be certain. I have these ans several more horrible photos but probably good enough to id for someone with a good eye for this. Which apparently I do not have. I have tried books and websites in an attempt to ID it but now I will turn to the experts. :D It was seen at Cave Springs Arkansas in the afternoon at the Illinois River Watershed. If there is any information I forgot to put in here please feel free to ask. Thanks
  8. What Type of flycatcher is this? taken in southern California.
  9. Dearborn, MI, 7/9/20018. Same bird in both pics in different lighting.
  10. HI, I saw that he Rondeau Provincial Park in Ontario. Is it a Great Crested Flycatcher? thx
  11. Taken 6/13/2018 in the mountains of San Diego. Is it a willow? I’m hoping for a Dusky!
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