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Found 10 results

  1. Another gull question... this is an interesting one. Seen in Monterey CA today, hanging out with a group of Western Gulls. Western and Herring can be ruled out because of contrasting pale inner web on outer primaries (visible in 2nd photo). Thayer's can be ruled out by the stout bill, bulky shape (especially head), darker coloration and less distinct patterning overall. This doesn't strike me as a Glaucous-winged x Western, as they tend to be browner on the head and underparts, with a darker brown "ear muff". So I'm thinking Glaucous-winged x Herring Gull hybrid or Slaty-backed Gull on this one. Hoping for Slaty-backed (would be a lifer). Thoughts?
  2. Seen at Lake Merritt Oakland CA today. Torn between Thayer's and Glaucous-winged x Herring Gull, thought the neck and head seemed perhaps a bit bulky for Thayer's, and the texture of the brown smudging looks like Glaucous-winged to me, but I'm not sure. Definitely too slender and long-winged for Glaucous-winged x Western, and too small of bill.
  3. Lake Merritt, Oakland CA today. Probably just Western x Glaucous-winged Gull. However I was wondering about Slaty-backed Gull, which I have no experience with. Probably nothing exciting, I just struggle with young gulls sometimes. Unfortunately didn't see it move too much, didn't see any other poses.
  4. December 6 in SF Bay area. I was thinking Herring x Glaucous-winged Gull hybrid, but would welcome any opinions.
  5. Are these Thayer's? November in Washington state. Thanks for the help! 1) 2)
  6. Hi, are those Bonaparte Gulls, non breeding ones? Seen 2 weeks ago in Ontario, north of Toronto. thx
  7. Hi, is this a ring-billed Gull? Immature? seen 2 weeks ago north of Toronto, ON. thx
  8. This gull was seen today near Albuquerque on the Rio Grande with 2 Franklin's Gulls. Seemed slightly larger than accompanying Franklin's
  9. Took some pictures of gulls today 11/3 in Seattle and trying to figure out a what these gulls are. Any help appreciated
  10. 8/24/2018, St. Joseph, Southwest Michigan There were about 30 gulls - Ring-billed and Herring mix - on this section of the beach in the morning. This one was a little bit separate from the main group and had unique plumage. Still Herring?
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