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Found 7 results

  1. Hello! I've recently moved to the Raleigh NC area and there are so many new animals for me to learn about! I took a hike on Sunday to a nearby lake and spotted this interesting friend. The bird was perched on a log sticking up out of the water, only about ten feet from the shore. The weather was sunny and warm and it was about 3:30 in the afternoon. When we went by the first time, this one was alone, but coming back, there was another perched right next to it. I couldn't hear it's call, but I could see it's throat moving. We joked that it looked like it was gargling. It did it over and over and seemed undisturbed by our group discussing it at conversation volume nearby, is fair considering it looked to be at least a foot tall. Thank you for any help!!
  2. peaceful greetings. on 07 july 2020, we made a visit to the lake. a duck was swimming by themself. i decided to take some photos and video, and spend a little time with them if they would allow. in this video, as i was recording the duck (female mallard, mayhaps?), a mystery guest star appeared. due to size, I've had to trim out most of duck in this video, in order to be able to upload mystery bird. (video of duck still remains). mystery bird trim.mp4
  3. greetings. swimming on water. mostly alone. bill looks black. black stripe across eye, bordered by whitish swaths above and below. body seemed dark brown, with white edges here and there. eye also seemed dark. dark brown cap, with other parts of head and throat possibly appearing a lighter brown. my best efforts (female): mallard; american black; green-winged teal. apologies for poor lighting / quality: the sun will be where the sun be; i have yet to learn the phone camera advanced options. edit: 07 july 2020; late afternoon / prevening / evening.
  4. greetings. first post. possible nonbreeding adult ring-billed gull: lake Erie, western new york state; late june; late afternoon / early evening (/prevening). observed in water; flying short distances; walking and laying on dry land (grass); on rocky shore; walking on pavement. body mostly white, some (grey / grey-brown?) mottling on head and neck area; wings mostly grey; tail end mostly dark/black; black/dark eyes; grey(?) feet. information regarding identification of species / subspecies, 'gender', approximate age, all much appreciated.
  5. I went hiking in the hills in Simi Valley which is on the border of Los Angeles County but it is in Ventura County in Southern California. In the hills there is an abandoned golf course with a small lake or pond. There are swallow or swift type looking birds swooping around close to the water and I have no idea what type of birds these are. I have searched and looked at my bird books with no success. The bird is mostly black with white around its neck and a white stomach. This is the only photo I was able to get because they flew very fast.
  6. Lake Martin, Tallapoosa co., AL. Nov 17 2019. Only had my phone. There were 2. They would go under water and stay down a good while.
  7. Hi, we have a lake lot in Sainte Genevieve County Missouri (about 60 miles south of St Louis) and for the past couple of years have more heard than seen this bird. This past weekend, 4-5 August 2018, however, was quite quiet with no one but us on our side of the lake and it came around where we could see it. Unfortunately, I had left my good camera home and only had my iPhone for video/photos. If anyone could confirm we identified it correctly or can tell us what it really is, we'd be most appreciative. Thanks!
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