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Kinglet? So. Cal

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 This is almost certainly a Hutton's Vireo. RCKI should be gone, and it's hard to tell bill size by the photo. There have been 7 social records in may this year, and only 2 in the LA, San Diego Metro area, where this bird probably is.

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I did get two other shots and tried to save the first one with a better quality.  Not sure if it helps.  This is in the Orange County area, Rancho Santa Margarita.

I did have a ruby-crowned kinglet earlier this year, that is why I thought that.  This one had slightly different behavior, not in the low shrubs but higher up and displayed almost no fear of me.  The only reason I even got an iPhone shot.  





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I'm going to agree with The Bird Nuts and say that it's a very late Ruby-crowned Kinglet. The black bases to the secondaries are a good ID feature, and the bill is all black. It's hard to tell in these photos, but RCKI have yellow feet and black legs, while buttons have all black feet and legs. 

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