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New Mexico mammals and a lizard

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Hey y'all! I used to be a member when I lived in Florida and there was a group for identifying mammals and reptiles, etc. Now I live in New Mexico! I hope it is ok to post these here. I think this is a Rock Squirrel, Southwest Fence Lizard and a Harris Ground Squirrel. Does anyone agree or disagree??? I really appreciate it!!!

Thank you!!!



Southwestern Fence Lizard.JPG



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A couple of years ago, I was trying to ID a picture of a similar lizard I took at Capulin Volcano National Monument in New Mexico.  After finding contradictory information online, I reached out to someone from the NM Herp Society.  With the caveat I am working with brief notes I kept from 2 years ago:  I believe there are three species of lizard in NM that are extremely hard to tell apart.  In fact, they used to all be lumped into one species and were only split apart based on DNA studies.  These are Prairie Lizard, Plateau Fence Lizard and Southwest Fence Lizard.  He referred me to the published study that split the species into 3.  It included a high level range map.  In my case, Capulin Volcano is close to the border between Prairie Lizard and Plateau Fence Lizard.  We (the herp expert and I) concluded my lizard was most likely a Prairie Lizard (closer to Prairie Lizard range), but may have been a Plateau Fence Lizard.

PS... don't forget the caveat.  I am far from an expert.  But I believe the species of your lizard depends on where in NM you took the picture. 

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