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Critter time..

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  • 2 weeks later...

Here are some of the best species I've been able to see.

Red Fox pup in Stanley, ID:


Mink while fishing in Stanley, ID:


Black-tailed (?) Prairie Dog:


Red Fox black type:


Baby Striped Skunk at my house:


North American Porcupine at my house:


Northern Flying Squirrel:


I believe this is a Western Pipistrelle:



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Unwelcome Visitor

The notorious vagrant and squatter, known as I. M. Squirrel, was served an eviction notice and in due time was evicted at some considerable cost to the householder.  No injury to the miscreant and his family was recorded because live traps and one-way gates were employed in the eviction process.  

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This axis stag was cruising my fence line.  He had better confine his wanderings within the residential community in which my home is located. The community forbids discharge of a firearm. As an exotic species he is not protected by Texas game laws and regulations. A farmer or rancher would shoot him, field dress him, and pack him into the deep freeze in little more time than it took me to write this paragraph!


Axis Stag


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