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Critter time..

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In the forty years I have lived in Texas I have never seen one of these bugs before yesterday.  One Flickr viewer told me it was camouflaged as bird poop. 

Common Name: “Ironclad” beetle
Scientific Name: Zopherus nodulosus haldemani Horn
Order: Coleoptera

Description: The striking adult beetle is 5/8 to 1 3/16 inch long and the body is adorned by a black and creamy white blotchy color pattern. Its exoskeleton (integument) is extremely hard. Other species of the genus Zopherus, which contains 19 species, are known from western Texas. 

Texas Bug


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Come crown my brow with leaves of myrtle,
I know the tortoise is a turtle.
Come carve my name in stone immortal,
I know the turtoise is a tortle.
I know to my profound despair
I bet on one to beat a hare.
I also know I’m now a pauper
Because of its tortley, turtley, torpor.

-- Ogden Nash

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1 hour ago, Liam said:

Saw my first live Eastern Hognose Snake this week on my study site!


Cute little critters!! I used to love watching them play dead when I'd pick them up. They can put on a heck of an act, rolling their eyes back, unhinging their jaw, and rolling onto their back. After a minute or so they would decide I wasn't going to eat them and they would "come back to life!" Very docile and friendly and almost seemed to enjoy being handled.

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