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Number one was sighted on May 1st at 9:04 am.

Number two was sighted today (May 9th) at 2:30 pm.

Both were sighted at the edge of a cedar forest on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada.

I initially thought both were Eastern Phoebes, but now I am having doubts because of possible wing bars and eye rings...




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2 minutes ago, twitchy said:

Does anyone think number 2 could be a great crested flycatcher?  We confirmed one here the other day by its song and it sure looks like bird number 2.

They look like Eastern Phoebe.

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Image two is definitely an Eastern Phoebe. A Great Crested Flycatcher would be larger, and significantly taller and more upright. The dark grey on this Eastern Phoebe is very distinct from the brown color on a Great Crested Flycatcher as well. @akiley sums it up well.

On 5/9/2020 at 5:05 PM, akiley said:

Yup. All dark bill and dark heads.


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