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Identify San Diego bird from call

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I am in an urban neighborhood in central San Diego, CA, and for the past couple weeks (late April, early May 2020) I have been hearing this (attached) bird just about every morning. I've never been able to locate it, so have not seen it. In fact, as soon as I step outside my house, it goes quiet. 

It reminds me of a bobwhite! (I'm from the midwest) but we shouldn't have them here in San Diego. 

Song Sleuth is not helpful at all because of the chatter of the other birds in the background. 

New Recording 5.m4a

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This is pretty obviously a Northern Bobwhite (your instincts were correct!). As you mentioned, it's not native to your area, meaning it's probably an escapee, as these birds are bred in captivity fairly often. Or maybe your neighbors are raising some!

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Well, I'm quite excited to know that I made the right call! Now that I think about it, it seems to not move around, so it must live at a neighbor's house. It didn't at first occur to me that someone would be raising bobwhites. Thanks so much!

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