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Scarlet Tanager female or yellow warbler in VT

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Got these pics thinking the bird was a female Baltimore oriole because I had just seen 2 male Orioles in the same area.  Looking at the pics I realized this is not an Oriole but I'm not sure on the ID.  Has a warbler-like build, but a yellow warbler should have a darker bill (could be lighting) and I think I see an eye ring in one of the pics which isn't right for Yellow warbler.  So then I think of Scarlet Tanager female, but I think that is a stretch.  I don't think the bill is heavy enough for Tanager.  I could use help with ID on this bird.



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This is a Yellow Warbler. The extensive bright yellow in the tail is diagnostic for them. The bill is only deep black in adults -- juveniles start out with pale bills and they take a while to darken. The eye-ring is actually correct for Yellow, it's just that in adult males it's bright yellow on bright yellow. On younger birds, the eye-ring is still bright yellow but the face will show gray or olive tones, so that you see the eye-ring.

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