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undertail covert

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This is the only shot I got of this bird.  I was thinking Eastern Towhee but I always thought they had more of a rusty undertails and the black and the white on the tail would be reversed.  It looks like too white going up the chest for an American Robin

Winston Salem,NC 5/13/20


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My vote goes to marsh wren as well. With those brown flanks, white undertail, and spiky tail feathers, I'm not coming up with much else. Maybe something like the bird on this checklist? But again, your bird shows an awful lot of contrast, and I don't have a lot of experience with this species, so...

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It is rather contrasty, but there's no other species that displays this combination of plumage besides Marsh Wren. The habitat is a bit odd as well, but migrants can occasionally be found in weird places like this. I had a Marsh Wren in Illinois last year during the SBC perching in a deciduous forest, much like this bird appears to be.


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