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Unidentified Nuthatch-like Bird In My Yard

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Hello, I am new to this forum.  I've been watching birds all my life.  I'm hoping you can help me identify a bird I saw this morning.  I was out in my backyard with my binoculars and no camera, so unfortunately I do not have a picture.  The bird was so unusual, I figured I could easily find it in my bird ID book, but not so.  It was a small nuthatch-like bird.  It was hopping about on the trunk of a dead Green Ash tree so I was mostly able to see just it's back.  It was not perched on a branch.  It was clinging to the side of the tree trunk.  I recall its black back contrasted with VERY prominent and distinct white bars, possibly wing bars.  The most distinct feature was the large white "V" shape mark on its back, with the tops of the "V" starting at its shoulders.  It had the habit of a nuthatch.  Sometimes looking for bugs right-side up, sometimes upside-down.... and everything in between.  I'm sure it was not any type of woodpecker.  I live in South-Eastern Wisconsin.  It was 60 degrees and cloudy, no wind.  A woods with a small pond is about 100' away.

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Connor:  I was just reading about the black and white warbler and it says that it creeps along branches and tree trunks like a nuthatch.  You could be right.  I'd like to see a picture of its back to be sure.

Charlie: Yes, it was going down the tree trunk head first, then back up, and all directions.

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1 hour ago, lonestranger said:

Welcome to WhatBird, @DanInWI. I'm going to toss out the possibility of Brown Creeper. https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Brown_Creeper/


Edit: Gut reaction based on behaviour but doesn't really match up to the description.

pretty sure brown creepers only go up a tree. not down.

ive watched them go up a tree in a spiral, then fly to the bottom of another and go up that one too. rinse and repeat ... until i can get a good camera shot, at least. ?

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