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Duck Help Needed

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None are Ruddys; they migrated out of SC weeks ago.  They're also smaller and marked differently.


I think you have two species here.  The two birds in the first photo and the right bird in the last are different from the bird in the second photo, which is the same as the left bird in the last.  The bills are different sizes and colors.  I don't see a speculum on any, so we may be able to rule out female Mallards; or it could be the light.  The greenish bills may be Mottleds.

Sorry, that's all the help I can be.

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The bird in the second photo is a male Mottled Duck. Yellow bill make it a male and Buffy cheeks, short eyeline, gape spot and under tail coverts look like a purebred Mottled Duck. The other duck has a weird bill. It's hard to tell the color of the bill and the shape is hard to discern due to glare but the plumage looks like a Mottled Duck. Maybe it's the female Mottled Duck and just has a large deformed bill or the lighting is making it look so.

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