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Help ID this bird I rescued!

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While out with my sons this evening, we came upon a small bird snagged on fishing line (good news, it flew away unscathed!). In the process of cutting it free, I got a good look at it's coloration, but I wasn't able to ID it when we got home. This is central Massachusetts and we were right next to a pond that's surrounded by some meadow area and coniferous/oak forest. The closest birds I could compare it to were the Northern Waterthrush or Ovenbird. It was maybe 5-6 inches, with black and white checkered breast and a generally brown wings. When it's wings were spread out though, it had beautiful mohagany/red/brown markings spreading out along it's back/shoulders. I initially thought it was a fledgling robin when seeing it's breast coloration. Any help is welcome!

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